Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Foreplay in Graphology

Foreplay? Who cares?(signs of poor foreplay)
signs to look for: Handwriting of any style that satisfies one of these points:
1. writing in which the small letter ‘t’ is consistently made with the crossbar on the right, detached from stem.
2. . writing in which small letter ‘g’ is consistently made with only a descending line. This descending line much be longer than the height of the central zone. If it is shorter than this he is occasional lover
3. writing in which the small letter ‘g’ is consistently written like the small letter ‘q’
there are several different graphological signs which potentially disclose someone who pay insufficient attention to foreplay. The reasons for neglecting this important sensual prelude, however, differ depending upon particular graphological characteristic seen in the writing. You have therefore been provided with a separate description of sexual personality associated with each of these graphological indicators. If writing has to different indicators of this trait, descriptions of personality connected with both those graphological indicators will apply to person concerned.

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