Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Questions for Congress Supporters. Check it out

Here are few questions and i would like to hear 'em answers from Congress Supporters :-

1)we always talk about post godhra but have ever any one questioned about why godhra happened....and we blame modi govt for riots
as quoted by govt of india
"Godhra Incident was an Accident.
Gujarat Riots were Pre Planned."

2)indian govt.(cong) is very much conserned about bangladeshi muslims who are coming across border and setteling them(by giving nationality) and is talking about justice but what about kashmiri pandits who are being treated as refugee in there own homeland and country

3) 6 to 10 people were killed in malegon blast and govt is more interested to investigate about it and give them justice rather than investigating about more than 1000 people who were killed in blast before and after that.

4) uniform civil code if brought we will back off as quoted by cong allies (paswan and lalu and sp) do muslim women dont have rites

5) people talk about babri masjid demolishn what about 2000 temples which are closed recently in andhra pradesh and hundreds demolished in j&k and U.P. are nothing..........

6) varun gandhi spoke was hatred speech and what about d srinivas cong president andhra pradesh who said the same thing only word changed was musliman but no investigation against him

7) Reservations for Muslims. nothing for Hindus.

8)Crores of Rupees Subsidies for Haj Pilgrimage.
Nothing for Amarnath Pilrimage, not even Land for Infrastructure.

9)Alla is God.
Prince Rama is Fictional Character.

10)Abdul Nasseer Madani and Imam Bukhari are Secular.
Varun Gandhi and Narendra Modi are Communal.
11)To support Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus is Terrorism.
To support Pakistani, Afgani, Iraqi, Philistini Muslims is Secularism.
12)To Ask in which College of Engineering, Rama studied to construct Rama Sethu is Patriotism.
No One to Ask in which College of Law, Mohamed studied to write the P.O.S inhuman Shariyat is Secularism.
13) congress always followed divide and rule policy divide hindus in to upper and lower cast but who is benifiting from this a son of an IAS DOC. ENGG and lawers who are studing in the same college and acadmy for compititive exams in which upper caste are studing only sin these children have done is that they are hindus

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