Sunday, April 26, 2009

how does they create zero gravity situation on earth??

what is felt do to gravity on earth
ans: acceleration towards earth
so if you create acceleration away from earth
by motion.then its over

When you are under free fall, you don't feel the effect of gravity.

i thnk effect of gravity on freely falling bodies is not zero becoz they possess acceleretion due to gravity which is due to effect of gravity..............if my assumption is wrong plz....tell me

David F Anderson in his book of flights did mention this point, flight escapes the effect of gravity due to the orientation or the trajectory it follows at each interval of its take off..

at certain point of its trajectory centrifugal force acts against the force of gravity directed towards the center of earth and the situation of "weightlessness" occur

during a situation of weightlessness, body cannot feel its weight which it does on surface of earth which is referred as "apparent weight" which is normal reaction from surface of the earth. Due to this, free fall is loosely referred as a zero gravity situation

Anymore answers??

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