Friday, April 17, 2009

winner stands alone.

Here is a gr8 news for all book lovers, especially who luvs to read Paulo Coelho...
Yes... The Gr8 all time author of "The Alchemist"(One of the best selling book in history), Brida, Zahir, Veronika Decides To Die & many more back...& this time its biggger..BIGGER & GREATER than before....with his new title....


One of the recurrent themes in my books has been the importance of paying the price of your dreams. But to what extent can our dreams be manipulated? During the past few decades, we have lived in a culture that has privileged fame, money and power. Many of us have been led to believe that these were the only values worth pursuing, unaware that the real, behind-the-scenes manipulators remain anonymous. These manipulators understand that the most effective power is the kind that goes unnoticed by anyone – until it is too late, and we are trapped. This book is about that trap. 
In The Winner Stands Alone, three of the four main characters allow their dreams to be manipulated:
Igor, a Russian millionaire, who believes that killing, is acceptable if it is done for a good reason, such as alleviating human suffering or getting back the woman he loves.
Hamid, a fashion magnate, who started out with the best of intentions only to be caught up in the very system he was trying to use. 
Gabriela, who – like most people today – is convinced that fame is an end in itself, the ultimate reward in a world that considers celebrity to be the supreme achievement.
This is not a thriller, but a stark portrait of where we are now. 

Paulo Coelho

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