Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Consciousness !!!

Consciousness, the most absurd and unimaginable kind of fact.....
What is it ?? how it is created ?? how long it lasts ?? Does it transfer from one body to other ??
What I m thinking now is b'se of consciousness, some inner or spiritual universal quality in me and in all of us ?? I can think, feel, experience or explore all the things but as it comes to thought of mind stops reacting, didn't find any answer or clue what it is and where it is coming from ??
Really I am not getting any word to describe it........what ..................??? 
Universe is there b'se of consciousness and once we lost our consciousness, there is no existed do it means that universe is imaginary or a part of consciousness

Reaction1: is known to exist in apes.....about a few years ago,i pic was published in the news of a wild monkey just feeling a stray hungry puppy that happened to pass him by.....a chimp who had savagely attacked his caretaker in a fit of rage was later silent for many days,perhaps feeling ashamed.....same is the case with elephants...they show signs of intellegence beyond merely 'high memory capacity'.....dolphins,even octopuses show levels of awareness higher than simple basic instinct...

consciousness is something what science can not cannot explain what part of the brain is in charge of this area.....the area which makes us aware that we EXIST.....separating us from plants(although J.C.BOSE showed that plants too can sense fear and happiness,and threat when a plant nearby is harmed...he studied the plant impulses at micro levels) just seems to be....coming out!ancient indian philosophers went deeper into the question of 'awareness',came up with stages of consciousness.....realization......'mahasamadhi'.....a state of conscious awareness so high that a person can actually decide to leave his body for good,without harming a single hair on his body......consciousness is a fractal.....more and more complicated as you peer deeper into it.....but still,elegant enough to be studied,well and thoroughly by the most ancient of people......but still seemingly pondered by the very best medical geniuses!


Consciousness is different to conscience.

Consciousness is awareness of existence derived through physical perception and activity of the mind.

Conscience is a derivative of the mind. Humanity is dually minded, ego and conscience.

I had an operation two weeks ago under general anaesthetics. I was unconscious for 2-3 hours. I did not percieve anything and therefore do not have any memory of what happened. I did not even think during that time. It was a period of peace and emptiness. That is called being unconscious.

So consciousness to me is: actively percieving, experiencing, creating and collecting thoughts and memories. It is physical and mental awareness of the present moment.

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