Saturday, April 25, 2009

Always Take The Change Back or Roll It

It is a normal practice that when we go to book railway ticket or movie ticket or bus ticket etc etc. Suppose the ticket is of 49 Rs. we give him 50 Rs., he says i don`t have the change, We normally says, it`s OK and comes out. This way we are making him/her corrupt as slowly it becomes his/her habit to not to return the change even if he/she has.

So what should we do is, ask for the change if he/she says he don`t have the change, ROLL it to the person behind you in the queue. Ask the person behind you to give one rs. less like 48 rs, and if he don`t have the change also he can further pass it to the person behind him. This way it will help the people also and we will not make a person corrupt also.

If you will say that keep the change, then it is OK.

But if he is not giving back the change and is saying i don`t have change. In the stations they also don`t have candies or toffess. So what should we do???

I don`t say my solution is best, i am still looking for best solution.

Otherwise it becomes their habit to not to return change. Do we all need this????

Please suggest what should we do????

The answer of a suggestion should be better suggestion i hope, not the criticism.

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