Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Is America Apathetic?

As Eli has noted many times, the anti-war movement in America sucks. It's horribly unorganized, it's pretty low turn out, and it really just can't get its message across as well as other nations.

Now, anti-war is one thing, torture is something entirely different. Why are Americans so accepting of their leaders? Why don't they demand that they follow through with their promises? Why don't they demand transparency and accountability? Why aren't there protests about putting these fuckers who tortured into jail, but there's protests about some of the lowest tax rates in the world?


//All of that said, what really disturbs me about all of this, is that most Americans still don't think torture is a big deal. I think in the case of Bush, particularly after 2004, we--the American people--got the government we deserved. I think Bush said a lot about who we were post-9/11. I'd like to see some exploration into how to make this torture argument directly to the people. Maybe we can't. Maybe people really don't care that much. But if we're wondering why Obama isn't willing to press forward, I think it's fair to also wonder why the people aren't pressing him to press forward. //

Response 1:
I have no idea...I know that many liberals were angry and wanted prosecution of all Bush officials. Obama and the administration have been able to subdue this sentiment somewhat by stating that we shoudn't be "vengeful" (as if applying the rule of law is vengeance). 

Speaking of the apathy on the torture issue, the silence of the anti-war crowd regarding Pakistan and Afghanistan is also staggering to me.

Reply To Response1:
While I don't like Obama's statements, I think they're perfectly fair to make for a few reasons. One, he hasn't ruled out going after them, just the ones acting in "good faith;" this leaves NO ONE out, as many on both sides acted in bad faith. Second, because it's the Attorney General's job, not his. Third, it's our job as citizens to demand that the rule of law is upheld, it's only as good as we hold our leaders accountable.

From the anti-war crowd, maybe, but I'm not anti-war inherently, and I'd like to see progress there. Human rights violations and outright anarchy like this which creates further terrorist problems are reasons worth going to war, in my opinion. I understand and respect your point, though.

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