Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swift Tuttle: - The End of the Earth

From few years ago American and Russian scientists are working jointly on a project whose main aim is to save earth from attacks from any asteroid or comet or such things. Strong confidence and advanced science is with them. It is found from this project research that one comet named 'Swift Tuttle' is going to collide with earth on 21st August, 2126 (117 years later from today, at least we don’t have to worry about it.) This comet is coming to us with speed of 60,000 miles per hour or 10 miles per second and it is a huge frozen stone weighing about 3 trillion (3000 billion) kg, will collide with earth with speed which is 70 times more than that of sound. Immediately hurricanes, dangerous storms, tremendous sea waves, darkness may occur as it will come near to the earth. This collision will be as powerful as if 10,000 earthquakes were to happen within fraction of a second on earth. Tall buildings will get destroyed totally and high mountains will be leveled up with the ground. In oceans very very large waves like tremendously big water mountains will raise……… like Himalaya or more high water mountains than that. At some places land will be rooted out. Stones will melt. Many volcanoes will become active.
Very giant crater will form where comet will strike; it will be so much deep that it will memorize us Jules Vern's 'Journey to the center of the earth.' Very large amount of heat will form that will burn all the forests. Whole life will destroy within seconds.
It will take thousands of years for earth to become normal. If again life will form or that will be the end of the earth? This question was subject of discussion in scientists 15 to 20 years ago. But if anyhow comet comes to us, then can we change its direction by attacking it with missiles? Or else can we destroy it in the space before coming to earth? This discussion started. But some scientists started saying that this much emergency may not arise. Because it will come very close to earth and it will pass away.

The 2012 thing is a prediction made by the ancient Mayan Civilization..........who foresaw the end of the world on 23rd Dec 2012

about the asteroid thing
It will be very difficult to blast an asteroid into pieces as these independent pieces may still pose threat to the Earth..........
these small asteroid pieces may form a cluster if sufficient gravity develops between them..........& move towards the Earth again...........
in another case......these small fragments may bombard the Earth indivisually causing even more damage........

So blasting the Asteroid using Nuclear Warheads is a pretty far fetched affair.

The best option would be to alter the path trajectory of this asteroid some time before it appears too close to the Earth...........this requires a very small impact & explosion........& has a greater potential........... as even a small change in path may divert it from hitting the Earth over time.
but this option requires the impacting probe to be launched years beforehand.

Wat abt all t crop circles that have been forming all over the world??? 
Is it enough proof abt ET???? I think that it is not possible to do something like this by human coz they are geometrically too perfect ... Especially the 3 dimensional ones.... N y r these crop circles showing up mayan calenders and ancient geometric forms wit a msg.... Quite a few of them forming around the Stone henge. Is stone henge also a message from our ancestors to warn us about some catastrophic change on planet Earth our home..??

Is 2012 a real treat???? A question to be answered by time.....

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