Sunday, April 26, 2009

who is at benefit and who is at loss?

Terrorism and terrorist attacks and all the fascist nationalist groups and also all types of riots under the guise of religion/region/language... who they are serving and who is at the loss... let us have a some wide discussion.

According to me, terrorists or fascists of any brand or shade or nationality or religion or region never harm eachother rather they mutually strengthen eachother.. they provide life and blood to eachother. They are just like a pet dog in the hands of oppressors of masses like big capitalists, political parties, religious priests[i do not differentiate them] and whenever they need in situations of crisis, elections, widespread unemployment, hunger, poverty, fear of masses and to divide them, to divert and corrupt the brains of educated so that they do not think about the society, the pet dog is some what given free hand... as now a days the above mentioned situations are almost continuous, so the pet dog has left as stray dog and no one will bother to put a chain to this dog as this is the only life-saver for the oppressors... the dog will continue to bite and divide the oppressed masses....

these activities work on many fronts like they polarize the masses and and give the political parties & and govt. a chance to inject a vial of morphine of petty-patriotism, regionalism, religious faith to the middle class and vast majority [77% of India] living on less 20 Rs/day, 10 crore child labourers, crores of unemployed to make them forget their real problems... also it in return provide big recruitment force for fascists/terrorists to serve their bosses even better.

One Reply:
it is in the best interest of the powerful nations or of the most influential people of a country to have their people busy with infighting and terror rather than having them well educated and aware of their rights.

I am sure that all the powerful nations of the world will be more worried if all the political turmoil that maintains the polarities within the Indian subcontinent countries starts to improve rather than with the growing terrorism and instability in the region.

Presently only thing that holds the development of the Indian subcontinent region is the political instability. This has also been acknowledged in various reports on economic growth in India.

the ideal situation safeguarding the influential position of the present powers would be to have terrorism in this region but not to grow to an extent that it backfires on them.

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