Monday, April 27, 2009

Vodafone Call Filter ad featured by zoozoos, the white aliens, cartoons. Funny Call Filter ad by Vodafone india

Call Filter ad by Vodafone is very Fantastic in its way!
The story starts like this:
Vodafone Zoozoo couples(our zoozoo gets a new girl friend)in a restaurant conversing..
Zoozoo couples will be having a Nice time in restaurant.(say in a very romantic mood).
To Spoil this mood a waiter zoozoo comes and disturbs the couple zoozoos!
Angry BoyFriend Zoozoo scolds the waiter zoozoo for disturbing their talk.
The BoyFriend Zoozoo will scold in a very different language(very different language)(i did not understand). now the female zoozoo will laugh silently!
again these couples start talking.. this time waiter zoozoo comes again and boyfriend zoozoo hits him! every one silence!!!!
the ad ends withe board "vodafone call filter"! stop unwanted calls!
such a super ad!!
awesome Just Watch it once You Will Love it:

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Here is the video for Vodafone Call filter advertisement:

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