Thursday, April 16, 2009

Indian Fantasy League, The Cricinfo Way: Cricinfo Fantasy League

Here's the procedure .. 
Selecting Your Team
To start picking your team, you need to log-in. If you don't already have a user account, you'll need to register for a cricinfo account.
You must select your team within the total budget allowed, ensuring that you adhere to any one of the suggested team combinations. 
For more on selecting your team for this game, click here 
Scoring Points
The scoring system for Cricinfo Fantasy League is easy to follow, with regular points updates following the completion of each day's play. 
Your team will score points based on your players? bowling, batting and fielding performances. In addition, we also have individual bonuses for specific games. 
For more on scoring points in this game, click here 
Making Team Changes
The number of team changes allowed before and during various stages of a fantasy game are either unlimited or restricted. For a detailed schedule on team changes for this fantasy game, click here.

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Scoring system (very intersting)

Man of the Match 

Official Man of the Match 50 Points 


Run scored: 1 Points 
Six runs (off one ball) bonus*: 2 Points 
Dismissed for duck: -10 Points 

Run rate bonus (for batsmen scoring 20 runs or more) 
Between 00.00 and 49.99 runs per 100 balls: -30 Points 
Between 50.00 and 74.99 runs per 100 balls: -20 Points 
Between 75.00 and 99.99 runs per 100 balls: -10 Points 
Between 100.00 and 149.99 runs per 100 balls: 0 Points 
Between 150.00 and 179.99 runs per 100 balls: 10 Points 
Between 180.00 and 199.99 runs per 100 balls: 20 Points 
Above 200.00 runs per 100 balls: 30 Points 

Milestone bonus 
On reaching 25 runs : 10 Points 
On reaching 50 runs : 20 Points 
On reaching 75 runs : 40 Points 
On reaching 100 runs : 80 Points 

Wicket (except dismissal of bowler**): 25 Points 
Wicket (dismissal of bowler**): 10 Points 
Maiden over: 40 Points 
Run conceded: 0 Point 

Economy rate bonus (for bowlers bowling 2 overs or more) 
Between 00.00 and 02.99 runs per over: 30 Points 
Between 03.00 and 04.99 runs per over: 20 Points 
Between 05.00 and 06.99 runs per over: 10 Points 
Between 07.00 and 08.99 runs per over: 0 Points 
Between 09.00 and 10.99 runs per over: -10 Points 
Between 11.00 and 13.99 runs per over: -20 Points 
Above 14.00 runs per over: -30 Points 

Milestone bonus 
On taking 2 wickets : 10 Points 
On taking 3 wickets : 20 Points 
On taking 4 wickets : 40 Points 
On taking 5 wickets : 80 Points 

Catch (Fielder): 15 Points 
Catch (Wicketkeeper): 15 Points 
Stumping: 15 Points 
Run out (direct): 30 Points 
Run out (indirect/per player): 10 Points 

Trump Player 
Points earned by your trump player get multiplied by 2 

* Players will therefore score 8 points for scoring six runs off a single ball. 

** Bowlers are rewarded more for dismissing a recognised batsman, all-rounder or wicket-keeper than a bowler -

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