Sunday, April 26, 2009

should indians support tamil tigers in lanka??

How Does a Tamilian Will Reply When a Question "should indians support tamil tigers in lanka??" is asked

Tamilaian Says:
Hi guys I am a Tamilian ,
I love bAngalore more than chennai
and i love the language tamil and kannada equally

"They dont identify themselves as Indians, they identify themselves as Tamilians first "

this statement is very Offensive , May be chennai is not t best place to live
and few Tamil politicians have blocked other languages like Hindi in our state

I knw lotta tamilians who identify themselfs as Humans

Most of t tamilians worship Rajinikanth who is a Kannadiga

Most of t Tamilians have voted for Ms.Jayalalitha twice who is a kannadiga

Even MGR is a Malayali

we tamilians may be ignorant of languages coz of bloody politicians

and in LTTE issue i neither support LTTE nor srilankan goverment .., i dnt want any of t humans out ther to suffer and lose their life ..just for LINGO !!!! i give it straight

Another Says:
just stop comparing KRV with LTTE and ppl like karuna or mns!
kannadigas dont go to other states and start ruling over the original inhabitants of the place like u ppl do!so for the protection of our lang we r entitled to protest n if KRV does it it's no problem...
we have every right to shut the asses of ppl who speak ill of our lang in our land!forget the other states we ie our lang is treated badly in our state!so theres nothin bad in protesting!not like what the dmk n aiadmk or tamil sanghams here do!they protest for the sake of lankan tamils disruptin our traffic/lives!
and how would u a chennaite n a tamilian understand all this?
ur lang is supreme in ur state n ppl irrespective of whether they r kannadigas,telugiuites,northies respect it!its not the same here!so better keep away kannada n karntaaka sentiments whe u talk abt ltte/vaiko/karuna ...

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