Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Small Poem: A Walk in the Rain

I thought i fell in love
As the nature showered on me
I thought the wind would sing
The trees would dance 
The world would sway 
On my song...
The leaves would fall
With the gush of wind
The flowers would droop
Under the drops of rain
The world would seem evergreen
The creation smiling at me.
The bees, butterfly and birds 
Would all hide...
The water melts on my cheeks
My lips sip the liquid 
My eyes twinkle with reflection
I hear the humming of a voice
Oh! it is me who sings
Carefree, dreamy and lonely
I see my face
On the pool of water
Wet in the rain
Bless me.
My heart fails to recognize 
That god is equally hurt...
As me.

Composed By shigufta Uzma

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