Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Dalit Woman, Meira Kumar, Nominated as Lok Sabha Speaker

A Dalit woman as Lok Sabha Speaker! Indian democracy will cross yet another milestone with the Congress leadership deciding to
nominate Meira Kumar for the post.

OMG!! dis country is really under womens -
President - Pratibha Patel
PM - Sonia Gandhi (oops SMS)
LS Speaker - Meira Kumar

seems like yet another bit of tokenism
how does it truly change anything?
it's not as if till now, there was discrimination against Dalits for selecting speaker
or by becoming Speaker, she will do anything for welfare of Dalits

what is so "DALIT" about Meera Kumar?
Her father occupied MP status for 40 years or so. He rose to the position of Defense minister and deputy PM.
After his death, she started representing Saharsa and has ever since kept the seat.
Her status as a 'Dalit' was uplifted years ago by her father's position.
Reservation should not be to uplift individuals or individual families, but the community as a whole.
Once a person is elected from a reserved seat, his/her status as a dalit should be removed

"i again would not mind if so should help uniformatise the Indian society as a whole
then no caste no class all would be fine... no one would raise question let anyone be chosen and let anyone rule..."
for that a caste or religion based reservation should stop first
if after 60 years any reservation is needed it should be based on fianancial condition

"What is wrong if a women becomes a speaker? Najma Heptulla was deputy speaker in Rajya sabha. "
ya she deserved it and the basis of these post should be based on merit
well frankly apj abdul kalam deverved the president's job more than pratibha patil
whats the creditential of this meera? she is just another product of dynasty system

Muslim couple solemnised mariage acc Hindu Ritual

Gorakhpur. No horse, no elephant, not the band - and Brati organ. Dowry was just a different environment and non-sacred - and a separate pavilion decorated gift pool. Every groom in the pavilion - the bride and their families seated. Grand stage in front of Vedic chants of nectar stream flows. In the eternal tradition of this sacred atmosphere Sattais between the joints was a Muslim couple.

Boston area in the wilderness of Kaudia collective wedding ceremony held at Moe's Mohammdpur. Yasin Ali Akbar's son and daughter of Mjbullah Kleelabad of Nisha Trabun the Hindu custom - the custom of marriage to live with the birth of seven Rchakr resolved. The rarest of the wedding the families of both sides about the religion of humanity that is a big thing, all of Allah is the same.Share of the work he has done, we humans.

He said that when we came to know that people here no tam - Jam and marriages without dowry, we people are going to come here of their children decided to marry.


Yahoo News


Women Empowerment with Micro-Credit System: India

Microcredit is the extension of very small loans (microloans) to those in poverty designed to spur entrepreneurship.
Microcredit is a part of microfinance, which is the provision of a wider range of financial services to the very poor.
This has really done a gud job in bringing up rural women Entrepreneurship..
esp in Andhra n TN!!!

As per the news Paper The Hindu..
Andhra stood first in the empowerment of Women Entrepreneurship through micro-credit n followed by Tamilnadu..
My personal exp says it is gud even in Karnataka..
It was first introduced on a mass scale in Andhra by, former CM Chandra Babu Naidu as Dwakra Pathakam!!

Micro-Credit will work through SHG.
Self Help Groups!!

Its already implemented in India..but not on large scale..
but in states like AP, TN, KA its doing gud work only!!

I'm jus seeing for original links...

I read it while I was preparing for my speech in rural regions to create awareness abt Dwakra Program
Here is the case Study:

Saturday, May 30, 2009

do u think newton was a good man?????????????????

of course newton made a lots of contribution to physics but has been blamed for wrong jobs people say i don't that a lot was done by his students but never gave the credit to them..........he knew that during sound propagation heat transfer takes place & it was not an isothermal process but he gave the formula using isothermal phenomena ...........which was corrected by Laplace after almost 100 yrs....................

Not at all.............
1. He was rude
2. Try to Suppress Leibnitz
3. and robert Hooke
4. and many more....................
5. He was a gay( I read it somewhere)
6. Stephen Hawkins even said all those things,,,,
But all these negative points can be neglected because of his contributions.....We measure him as a great scientist not a man...

Decision time: When deciding something good or bad, we really need some base or origin or also you can say the zero point.
A person is again good or bad depends upon lots of factors such as:
1. Base person characteristics...
2. The circumstances and surroundings...
3. That centuries current trends towards the persons field...
4. As Newton was one of the intellectual person, hence the overall intellectual societies characteristics comparison is also required.

Not having lots of idea about it, but before defining this we actually need to go to that time (probably using time machine), or refer to some person's note of that time....

Sorry can't say now...

BBBMP guys are back with chopping trees once again: Bangalore

Something should be done on this. Seriously.
What is prof Rajeev Gowda from IIM upto these days?
Even Ramesh Ramanathan?

The undersigned filed a statement of objection to this plan (copy enclosed) on the following grounds:
The said advertisement is issued in several prominent newspapers incurring massive public expenditure, but there is no mention whatsoever on the basis of which statute such public expenditure was incurred. This would have to be clarified first and foremost.
The Hon'ble High Court of Karnataka in its interim direction on 16 March 2009 in WP No. 7107/2008 (PIL filed by Environment Support Group and ors. vs. State of Karnataka and ors.), to which BBMP is a respondent, has categorically stated that all Respondents must “strictly follow” the provisions of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act and Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act when implementing urban infrastructure projects. Specific reference is made to BBMP to ensure such compliance when undertaking road related works.
Nothing in the advertisement clarifies whether such compliance has preceded the proposal as mentioned in the advertisement above. Further, BBMP has not demonstrated the need for road widening being in the wider public interest as per the provisions of the Karnataka Municipal Corporations Act and Chapter V of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act. Further, no explicit case has been made to demonstrate the need for removal of the said trees as per Section 8 of the Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act.
It is implicit therefore for the Tree Officer, per his/her mandate under the Karnataka Forest Act and the Karnataka Preservation of Trees Act, and also in compliance with the aforementioned direction of the High Court, to not allow for felling of trees till such time there is strict compliance with the provisions of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act.
Any action in contravention of the directions of the aforementioned decision of the Hon'ble High Court would amount to contempt of court, and appropriate action in this regard would be initiated by the aforementioned Petitioners.”
This is by ESG.

120 trees have been earmarked at IISC -CNR rao circle.

Blatant violation of High court judgment norms.


Go BBMP go!
I can't spend hours breathing poisonous fumes while my vehicle idles in traffic jams.

BBMP guys are back with their chop tree program
120 trees have been earmarked at IISC -CNR rao circle.
Blatant violation of High court judgment norms.
contempt of court has to be initiated against them...

Transparency International has rated BBMP to be the 9th most corrupt agency in India.
Some people laud useless schemes of BBMP.
We need a SMK kind of leader to clean up the mess in Blore.
Someone who asserts himself and is strong enough to make these agencies work.

Every car pollutes.
Blore's problem is not buses and trucks but the parevenus who refuse to car pool or use public transport adding to the congestion on the roads and increasing pollution.
I am sure a lot of these noveaux rcihes will continue to continue to clog the roads with their cars even after Metro comes up.
False sense of prestige. Lowers their dignity if they use public transport.

That is if by public transport you mean Pallavan Transportation buses, BMTC red board buses and the Mumbai metro. The Delhi metro is well accepted by one and all there. Make public transport better, and the people will accept it. Why should I slum it out with a hobo smelling like piss sitting next to me or standing on top of my feet when I can reach client meetings unruffled, with a coat on, when I can travel by an AC car? Why should I give up convenience to sit next to some poverty stricken **** who has taken four baths in the thirty years he's been a burden on earth for?

Please read surveys by Mid day conducted last year where people said they would prefer their own cars even if Metro was fully functional. Most of the people surveyed were youngsters and educated people.
The mindset of people has to change , no where in the world you would find people who are so impatient that they start riding two wheelers on foothpaths. I have even been shouted at for walkin on the foothpath. Just try walking on the foothpath Kalidasa road on a weekday afternoon. You will realize the perils.
Roads are meant for pedestrians and cyclists and not just folks who revel in driving huge cars and bitching about government. That is why the idea of road widening is so flawed as vehicle is growing at an alarming pace . You will find road space inadequate at current growth rate of vehicles in another five years.
The solution is impose huge congestion taxes at least where Metro runs and to integrate Volvos with Metro.
And you are misinformed about BMTC which is doing a pretty decent job with its Volvos and other innovative stuff like Big 10 which is first of its kind in India.
Till its introduction we just had destination based services in India. Give them the credit where its due. I do know that BMTC drivers go on mowing down people. The solution for that is to hire better drivers at a higher pay.
I use Volvos on a daily basis and they are far more convenient than driving through the strain of horrredous Bangalore traffic .
P.S- Yeddy has definitely ensured that BMTC services have improved to a large extent. I find buses running at five in the morning which was rarity five years back. I may not approve of his schemes like road widening or his communal agenda but ABIDE is a good initiative.

use of public transport as suggested here is an excellent idea. I use the company transport to go to and fro from office which is also another good thing many of the IT companies have. but nothing beats public transport as a proper way to tackling traffic issues, since I have seen no matter how wide the roads are they get clogged simply because of the way people drive, a free left turn is never available as all vehicles clog that space resulting in traffic jams.

May 31st :- "World No-Tobacco Day". May 31 2009

Times Of India Reports On World Tobbaco Day:

It is nearly 8 months since the government has banned smoking in public places,....
and May 31 is the last date for all tobacco products to start carrying pictorial warnings about the ills of tobacco on at least 2/5th of the surface of the package.

As the (WHO) World Health Organisation celebrates World No-Tobacco Day on May 31, questions are being raised if the government’s initiatives have borne any fruit results.........


tobacco is worst than snake poison!!!!

I don't take tobacco in any form.
but you cant claim the same about the tannin which is the trouble causing element.

the tobacco lobby didnt get this day banned?

i always wanted to quit.

More Info on World No Tobbaco Day:

T-shirt [one liners]

Some Tshirt One Liners:

"I wont argue with u,argueing with a fool shows there r 2"

am a bomb technician. If you see me running, try to keep up.

1 2 3, r u free???????

A Scary Witch is better than a Smiling Bitch

Treat Each Day As Your Last .
One Day You'll be Right

if u can read this, tell me the bitch behind me has fallen off


IF AT FIRST YOU DUN SUCCEED. call it version 1.0


Its only funny until someone gets hurt, After that, its HILARIOUS !!!

Does it look like I care???

Most of the women are beautiful hot& sexy, loving and caring, the rest 99% exist.

VI - AGRA ( TAJ MAHAL)...Mans greatest Erection for Women

WALKING IS FOR JERKS AND LESBIANS. (Shirt i wear when i am biking)

its actually VIA-AGRA wid a Taj Mahal pic and the liner says "MANS GREATEST ERECTION FOR WOMEN"

If You Know Some oneliners, Please Share with us. Leave Your Clean Comments

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Theoretical CS vs Practical CS


Hi.As we know that Theoretical Computer sc. concentrate on cryptography, algorithms, complexity theory, AI, Pattern recognition, NLP etc.
Where as practical CS is different which one is better to do MTech in theoretical CS or practical.......most of the institute syllable base on Practical ....but some institute like ISI,calcutta etc have most of Theoretical CS .
But i don't that what is the scope in Theoretical CS........after BE/BTech ,,,,,,,,mean i m not Math relate person how theory help me to achieve /???

1 answer till now:
The choice is do you want to be a programmer or a computer scientist. Just being a programmer without a solid understanding and base of theory will be limiting.

You will need a good mix of technology-related and systems courses, but a sound theoretical foundation is essential to excel.

is current really a vector??

OOps it should have been "is current really a scalar??"

it is generally considererd that current is a scalar qty because it doenst obey vector addn rules
but griffiths in his electrodynamics book argues u cant claim to be so esp when u go to a surface current or a volume current
the magnetic field produced by a surface current has a certain directional rel;ationship with that of the current
tell me who's right and who's wrong

where as i studied electric current is neither a scalar nor a vector quantity.Current in a wire when flowing has both magnitude as well as direction but since it doesnt obbey tringular rule . Also since it gives us the magnitude of charge flowing electrons per unit time is not related to direction at all a sense can be argued to be a vector quantity. Afterall all, it's caused by a vector (magnetic/electric field)......the primarity mode of current is a vector (drift velocity of electrons).....but I'd say it's not a vector.......It basically has only 2 directions to flow naming the two directions + and - should abe about sufficent

Twitter Status: Something is technically wrong

This Morning I tried using!
and i was surprised to see the result!
Twitter Itself is saying "what it is doing" instead of asking me "What are you doing?"
I saw Twitter Saying:

Something is technically wrong.
Thanks for noticing—we're going to fix it up and have things back to
normal soon.

I really Cannot Imagine Life without twitter!
if twitter was available this would have been rising trend with some #tags #twitterfail #twittererror! lol! what next???

See This ScreenShot of Twitter

Twitter Do Something For This!

monotonically increasing subsquence..

Give an o(n^2) time algo to find the longest monotonically increasing subsequence of a sequence of n numbers

Check the dynamic programming section on Cormen's book.

its very simple for O(n^2)
can anyone tell me O(n lg n) solution. This is asked in cormen to do in O(n lg n) but i've failed to do so. An algorithm of O(n lg n) is given in dasgupta but i fail to understand how it can actually be implemented in O(n lg n)

DP coupled with binary search.
at each stage we get sorted sub-sequence, so for next element just searching(binary) that sequence to find position of that element in sub-sequence would do it.
It is basically O(nlogk) where k is length of longest MIS.


funny... to read the question. A car manufacture is going to boost the economy of India?

Coz in many place thousand of cars are booked in a day. and wen de buys increase de road tax will also increase...
wat u say pal..???

Tata Nano can give much... coz all the other International companies dont have much money to invest and to create more business... but indian company TATA has registered cheap car segment and now as the economy is down and all individuals have to cut off there prices they can now go for this car....

I hope it will inspire some Indian companys to design products for Indian and then export the same to other similar economies.
One way an economy gets strengthened is when the country exports Products with high Intellectual Property content.

why dont indians hit back in australia....

it ws so sad n annoying to hear dat 4 indian students ver beaten in a party vich ws going on in a house....

but it ws even more disgracefull to knw dat two teenagers aged 16 n 18 entered a house vere more den 20 indian students ver present,dey beated up 4 n simply walked off....why d hell dose 20 loosers cudnt catch hold of dem n hand it over to police...dey ver not carrying ne weapons like guns or knife,dey attacked vid screwdrivers...

my cousin who is in ausralia,told me dat ...''some racist whites tried to target chinese too,but d chinese retaliated at times n reported every matter to australian police...
but d indians r too hungry 4r an australian permanent residency dat neither dey retaliate nor dey even report it to police fearing it might affect dere PR chances...dats y indians hv become SOFT TARGET...,dats y dey r nw attacking indians only n hv no fear,'

when dese ppl cant stand up 4r demselves den y d hell dey r expecting australian n indian govts. to protect d shine of dollars so much 4r dem to 4rget bout dere pride,safety n honour n face insults n attack n become sitting ducks.....dere r 95000 indian students dere,if dey show some guts n retaliation,no1 cn dare to target dem....

so i beleive even indian students dere r responsible 4r dis situation to some extent...n b4r asking odrs to protect dem dey shud frst stand up 4r demselves, n v shudnt jst blame al to australians n expect dem to do evrything,....

Has India Forgotten???????

Have Indians forgotten that the 27% OBC quota was introduced by the UPA Govt.

This leaves a meagre 50% seat for merit. The Govt has forgotten merit and is giving away seats to the poor (as they say). Don't they know those SC/ST/OBC candidates who opt for higher education have good family backgrounds.

I'm very much against this quota system that was introduced by B.R. Ambedkar for 10 yrs and has been extended till now, because I lost an MBBS seat due to quota system. My friend who is an SC got an MBBS seat but I am doing a silly B.Tech.

How come the Indian youth voted in favour of the UPA govt.. Are they forgetting ke woh apne per pe khud kulhadi maar rahe hain(kharab hindi ke liye maaf karna bhai log).

Can I know the reasons for selecting this UPA govt. once again????????

The Green Tree catches fire, during Lightening...

We can't fire a green tree.... But, during Lightening, the green tree catches fire.... Why...? How is it possible....? Explain me in terms of Electrical charges or some other electrical terms.... Show your technical skill by answering this challenging question....

If we Starting d tree burning,,simply its very low Temp. compare to Lightening,,
& In case of Lightning Energy as equal to surface of sun strikes d tree for a 100 times less than a second ,,So water in d tree is convert into steam & steam spreads very rapidly ,,So Tree Become to catch firing easily.........&
Ofcourse bcs very High Temp. there is no more importance of green or yellow tree.......

Lightening's temperature is nearly 6273 K........ At this temperature, even iron will melt.... So.... Green leaf will get fried and toasted at this temp.... 

Finally, Archie Andrews to marry Veronica... not B

The age-old love triangle of Archie comics has finally been broken, after Riverdale's ultimate Playboy Archie Andrews picked the vixen Veronica over girl-next-door Betty to be his wife.

Archie Comic Publications announced on May 27 that the flighty redhead from Riverdale picked Veronica over Betty Cooper.

What happens to Jug Head? 
He marries Betty.

btw how did her dad let this happn... ... 

I don't think it is finalized yet...
her daddy is from Telangana, he is going to come with his gang in 20 White Tata Sumos and attack Archie... There will lot of action and blood-shed.

In the meantime, Betty tries to commit suicide by jumping from the Top of Riverdale High Library Building! I'll save Betty by catching her in my arms before she hits the ground and we will right away go out of country location for a duet, may be from Riverdale to Nandi Hills 

that Veronica is not his daughter but Betty (told to him by the gasping nurse breathing her last at his doorstep who after 25 years remembers that she goofed up by swapping the two baby girls in their cribs). Veronica's dad couldn't bear it and he hires those 20 white Tata sumos again and sets out after Sarkar.

Sarkar somehow gets to know his devious plans and starts a thread on the Bengalooru community asking for help. "Clock" does his bit by composing a tear jerking background music for the scene where Sarkar is typing a message asking for help on the commn. The mods try and help Sarkar but Veronica's father pays them a lot of money and they become his goons instead. All this injustice was unbearable to Mr "S", so he writes Veronica's father a super duper insulting letter which after reading it he suffers a stroke. This gives Sarkar and Betty some time to settle down in peace. Subahu very kindly designs them a very nice house, I (ವಿಜಯ l Vijai) gift them an awesome wifi system, chiski gifts them her bestselling, pulitzer winning book "don't whine, drink wine" and Zen teaches them how to practice zen in their lives.

However, their happiness is short lived because Veronica's father recovers from the stroke...........(Clock's musical composition in the background)...

Archie and Veronica get married, though Archie and Betty earlier were singing duets in Swiss Alps, Amsterdam, US, London, Australia, New Zealand. 

But then Veronica had the money, Betty did not, so out went all the promises of "Pyaar, Mohabbat".

Betty meanwhile married Reggie.

Now both Archie-Veronica, Betty-Reggie settled in New York.

Archie met Betty, and then were as a "La, La, La, La " kinda song in background, with Betty walking down Central Avenue in a Yash raj kinda white dress.

Archie sees Bettty and says "Pyaar jitna bhi daakhal kiye jaaye, woh dil ke kone se ubar letha hai". Archie has been watching too many SRK movies, thats why those kinda dialogues.

Now Archie and Betty again go on a love trip, singing "Pyaar pyaar hota hai". But now since they have run out of trees to run around, they run around the blocks in Ground Zero.

How do Earth get the Gravity?

please tell me if any one knows that,how did earth get gravity?

a great question...
you must have heard that earth behaves like a natural it must have north pole and a south pole...
i just compare magnetic force as a gravitational force...
always earth will have its own field around it...
when you throw something up.. this force called gravitational force attracts it down towards the earth..

guys gravity has nothing to do with earth's core or its magnetic field. According to newton every partcle of matter attracts every other parlicle with the force which is directly praportional to product of there masses & inversly praportional to square of distance between them this is the gravity & we can feel the gravity of earth , moon , sun due to their great mass.

What do U think? Which Is Correct?

Friday, May 29, 2009

c + c++ = ?

C + C++=?
Different Answers for the Question c + c++=?
c + c++ = 2c
c + c++ = 2c+2

undefined behaviour

how can it give undefined behavior
lets give any value to c
Int c=1
c + c++ = 2
This is not an undefined behavior.

I think,
the ans is 2c where c =....(means any positive number)

Now Tell Me Which Answer is Correct????

Why does the sky appear orangish in colour when it is cloudy at night

it is because when light( white light) falls on the clouds and after the light falls on the water droplets the light is dispersed into 7 colours (you must be knowing dis) and so the sky appears orange due to the vast difference between the wavelength of the bluish colours and orange colour

it appears red, actually. Because, Red light scatters the least due to dust particles. In the evening, distance between Sun and earth increases, and, hence, red being least scattered, sky apperas red (not ornage).


yeah i've heard that the LHC has the capability of creating a black hole at the atomic level. It was feared that the black hole might enlarge and yes, kill us all, but i think scientists have proven that to be wrong. so there is no possible threat to earth from the LHC. i'm not sure myself if it has been proven wrong, google it perhaps ?

the experiment wont be risky!! there will be black holes produced during the LHC experiment but they will be of the size of subatomic particles..
now the ques. comes that whether the black hole will expand & be a threat to earth??
now we all know that a blackhole can pull and eat up a large amount of matter due to its gravity.. but a black hole also radiates and its rate of radiation is proportional to its size(the smaller it is the faster it radiates). so a blackhole of such a small size will radiate what all it has in an instant and die immediately (i.e as soon as it is formed..)

Death of a star.

A star is a nuclear plant: its hydrogen is burned on its core, and turns into helium, by great temperature and pressure. When the hydrogen ends, the star begins to fall over itself, because there's no more hydrogen to burn. So, depending of its mass, it could turn into a supernova, a nova, a neutrons star, a black hole, a pulsar. The most important fact is to know that there's an amount of fuel available, and when it ends, the star begins its final life phase.

There are two nuclear processes in physics, fission (which is generally used in atomic reactors and atomic bombs), and fusion which is used in stars and hydrogen bombs (which are fueled by fission bombs). Both processes drive the production of matter towards iron -- which is approximately in the middle of the periodic table. Fusion works towards creating heaver elements, fission breaks heavier elements down into lighter ones. Iron is the "lowest common denominator". Stars fuse hydrogen until it is converted into helium, then they burn helium into heavier elements (oxygen, carbon, etc.). The reach a breaking point when they cannot fuse these heavier elements into an element with a greater mass than iron. (This involves a relatively complex understanding of the physics of energy production in the procesesses of nuclear fission and fusiion -- both can produce energy according to E=mc^2 but you have to do the a fair amount of math to understand the yields and what is driving the reactions forward). At that point the gravitational mass of the star will cause it to collapse (because the push of the outward energy generation can no longer support the contraction forces of the mass of gravity of the star), which depending upon the mass of the star can result in a nova, a super-nova, a neutron star, or even a black hole

What I know about life cycle of a small star is this:

2nd-a protostar
3rd-It turns to a main sequence star
4th-Red giant(Increase in size)
5th-outer layers of the stars are released
6th-A white dwarf forms
7th-White dwarf further cools
8th-A black dwarf forms

I am not sure whether it is acceptable or wrong, but please tell me what mistake I have made.
Please explain me something about black dwarf.

Thanks to all once again!

The Big Rip is the sequence of events prediccted to occur in future that is opposite to The Big Bang.

The theory of Big Rip is gaining more credence now, due to the accurate observations of accelerated expansion of the universe. There doesn't seem to be enough evidence observed for a Big Crunch eventuality.

It is interesting to note at the time of big bang there didn't exist matter (protons, electrons, etc). After fraction of time the energy that took birth at big bang condensed into plasma-like material from which normal matter took came into existence.

At the fag-end of big rip, similarly all matter protons, electrons would seemingly rip apart and disintegrate and everything would dissipate into nothingness or dark energy (which is supposed to be the cause of this big rip we see today itself).

So in simpler words Big Bang would fizzle out into Big Rip, more like a firewood burns itself out into ashes (like they say in the bible -- "from ashes to ashes")

Sania Mirza getting engaged to Sohrab

I just Read The News In Cnn Ibn
Sania Getting engaged with Sohrab!
Sania Mirza has found her love & is getting engaged to fellow Hyderabadi Mohammad Sohrab Mirza, her father Imran Mirza confirmed on Friday.

Sania's father said that the two are not related to each other but the families have been good friends over many years.

Sohrab, who is 23-year-old, is pursue higher studies.

Sania will also continue playing competitive tennis and has no immediate plans to retire....

The 22 year old Sania Mirza is in Paris playing the French Open. She has been knocked out of the singles event but is still in the running for the doubles.

Sania is first Indian woman tennis player to win a WTA tour title and break into the world's top 50.


Will She play tennis after marriage at court or home 
wreevr she plays bttr........>>>>>>>

I don't think this has got anything to do with her career going downhill.She has earned enough money to do something different for a living.Infact, she has always insisted that playing Tennis is not something that she wants to do all her life.

I don't know how many unforced errors she will commit on the bed!!  

Sania is too punny to handle the exertion of tennis for long ... her body won't stand the stress ... look at her serve, instead of improving, its getting worse year after year

I remember her making this comment right after winning wimbledon Junior women's double championship.She was pretty clear about this from the begining,people can have varied interests u know or maybe she knew then that she wasn't really cut out to handle pressure on the court.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bing: The World Needs "Decision Engine"

The World Doesn't Need Another Search Engine.
The World Needs "Decision Engine"
A Better Way To Search from Microsoft

Bing On Twitter:

Bing On Facebook:

Public Reactions on Bing:
MICROSOFT/BING READ THIS! Why Bing won't ever beat Google? Stop and think for a second, everytime you type "" how easy is it? Yes Bing is 4 letters... Forget all of the Web 2.0 stuff and think for a second, both Bing and Google have a lot to offer, but the average daily net user wants is for things to be easy! And you won't believe this, but the fact that the letters G-O-O-G-L-E are spread out evenly, make "" very easy and fast to type.. Whereas, "B-I-N-G" is pretty much all on the right side of the keyboard... People want results! And FAST! Typing Google is much easier. You may think "Bing" is better and easier to type, but you're being biased! Try to see this from mine and everyone else's point-of-view.
I think will become a secondary search, if people can't find what they want on Google. You may think I'm talking crap, think about it.

 Live Search is so good, I'd use it even if I were skewered over a volcano and my life depended on the query. And the new name is great! Love "the sound of found."

cannot wait to try out!

Watch The Bing Decision Engine Video:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

America appeals to China to help stabilize Pakistan: My Views

I posted the same article in that Asian American group and I can't remember if I mentioned it there already, but at first, I had the same perspective as you:

//Also, this may end up being played against the PRC later, as many American will forget that it was the Obama admin along with Pakistani officials themselves that requested help, and they'll think that the PRC is bullying its way into other countries' business. More Sinophobia could follow along with feelings of rivalry.

What do you think of this? Sino-American world police? Chimerican hegemony?// ~Myself

I was thinking that this would be seen as Chinese power projection.

However, I've rethought my position on this matter. You see, China's neighbours don't by into the the "neutral state"/"soft power" image China wants anyway. 

One of the main problems is Taiwan. You see, the most significant states around China: ROC, Japan, South Korea, India, etc, see the PRC as an aggressor state against the ROC. The CCP actually does not have as much control over that as much as the others would think, as Taiwan is symbolic of territorial sovereignty and integrity of the whole of China, and it is used to threaten other regions as well (considering that missiles in range of Taiwan, are well within range of wealthy provinces at risk of going rogue; so even in the event of Chinese unification, the missiles are unlikely to go away IMO). I know you understand that Qiu, because you've mentioned before that the ROC gov't too, has strategies for controlling its population like keeping most of its weapons/power in Taipei. Just like how the US also has its own more subtle tactics for controlling its population. We can understand this, but do you think everyone sees it this way? Even though Taiwan is a special case, it damages the "soft power" image. 

Also, the US military needs the PRC as a visible and formidable "aggressive opponent" for the US for it to justify its budget. That's why you'll hear a lot of "unnamed former US officials" suggesting that cyberattacks *could have* originated from China. And the media exaggerating tiny Chinese fishing ships "bullying" large US naval vessels. Like the Chinese gov't, our own has a lot to gain by exaggerating its "enemies".

Before reading a lot more into the PRC's history and its current position, and paying close attention to both its actions and media, I too had a hard time understanding a lot of its behaviour, and would not have come close to the conclusion you do with it being a "neutral state" with a "spotless reputation". I would have laughed. Even now, it's hardly agreeable to me.

So now that I think about it the PRC has little to lose by projecting its power in a *positive* way, somehow. It's reputation is may be fine to many, but for those who *matter* like the USA, Japan, Korea, ROC, India, etc, it's reputation is piss poor and its history is chaotic and paranoid (albeit, they had their reasons for being paranoid). Currently, it only appears incredibly selfish to many (the many who *matter*, not weak and oppressed African states who couldn't hold a candle even to a single US state.)

The main worries should be:
- hurting Pakistani pride if they take too strong of a role. The article suggests that that may be important to the Chinese, in a cultural way: //"The Chinese may try to deal with this privately," she said. "They won't want to make any public statements that might embarrass the Pakistanis."// ~LA Times
- negative propaganda against them with regards to power projections in South Asia, potentially coming from multiple fronts: USA, India, Japan, Taliban, Al Qaeda, etc. Chinese propaganda is complete shit internationally and barely holds even with mainland Chinese, and even they are skeptics. Also for their size, their PR lobby in Washington is shit.
- attracting too much attention from Taliban, which could turn their attention to Xinjiang, Chinese energy province, at a time when they've invested a lot into energy research and development. Those windmills, for example, are easy targets.

Those kinds of issues. However, Pakistan is a historic ally to them, and a destabilized Pakistan would be bad for all of South Asia. I do hope something gets done, not necessarily by the Chinese though. I do think that if Washington request an even greater role in Pakistan from them (in supplying and training), it may be effective, as I mentioned in that other thread where I posted your article:
//U.S. officials believe China is skilled at counterinsurgency, a holdover of the knowledge gained during the country's lengthy civil war that ended with a communist victory in 1949.// ~LA Times

//And I don't think it's just because of the civil war, but because of the PRC's authoritarian methods of dealing with even the possibility of insurgency while simultaneously building on the economy (the CCP especially has the history and knows how easy it is to gather up a mob and win a "people's war" through winning the people's hearts [and innocence/ignorance], since that's what they did themselves to win control of China). Also, the PRC already has notable investments in Pakistan (notably the thousands of educated Chinese civilians, engineers/doctors/etc already there to help), and it has the financial means even in this economic crisis.// ~Myself

Satellite Policing?

How long before we begin using Satellites to police our streets? I personally believe it would make for a great investment in the long run. I'd imagine the technology might not be as up to date as one would like, but NASA (and other eggheads) has made miracles happen before. 

A lot of people don't like extra security cameras / big brother type systems because of privacy reasons, but I think that's crap. If you're out in public, then your level of privacy drops.

But could you imagine, someone getting car jacked or mugged. Then the victim describes the incident, address, and time of day. Satellites go through their records and follow the perpetrator to wherever he or she has gone. Obviously this type of thing would be too expensive to for EVERYONE'S crime, but when people find out about it, crime levels would go down. It would have a Superman effect, if people think someone's watching they are less likely to commit a crime.

Economic Times: Indian firms lower growth projections for this fis

Indian firms lower growth projections for this fiscal
After being through a roller coaster ride during FY09, companies have turned modest in their expectations of what the near future will bring. This is reflected in the earnings guidance for FY10 provided by many India’s corporates, which are trying to cope with the after-effects of the global economic slowdown, the liquidity crisis and the subprime housing mess in the US. 

In India, the list of companies providing earning forecasts is largely restricted to the IT, pharmaceutical and fast-moving consumer goods sectors. For the IT sector, the outlook from key markets such as the US and Europe remains bleak. As a result, the companies have lowered their growth guidance for this year. 

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Oort Cloud

Hi all, good morning!

I was thinking about the Oort Cloud for past months, and I had know that on last Science issue, a boy asked when the Oort Cloud will be detected, and the answer by Mike Brown, is that that region is an hipotetical region that lies far away around the Solar System and the comets came from there. This way, I have a question: if all the astronomy states this cloud as the comets origin, and this region is hipothetical, so where the comets came from??

My point of view on this theory, is that the comets are hipothetical as well, but they turns real when approaching our Solar System. Of course this is not possible, but if is this cloud undetectable and unprovable anyway, so why to keep studing the comets as they came from there? Isn't time to start for something new? Don't forget that, if any object would be detectable in so far region, the most you would prove is that there are an object out there, not the cloud itself, because all the objects that could exists there are so far distant each other then the distance from one extreme point to another in our Solar System, if you know what I mean.

After all, on same response, Mike stated that there are comets on that region that can be so large as Earth. In another words, planetary size comets. But, according to common science, should not comets be small? This position from science looks far more Velikovski then something I would expect from official science.

Could somebody help me on understand this cloud??