Wednesday, April 8, 2009

THE FIRST PARTICLE/Atom ..of the Universe.

We have thousands of assumptions How the First life Particle Existed..Appreciation goes to one Who can Explain The First Particle...Repeat FIRST PARTICLE of The UNIVERSE. 

Big Bang Supports existance of A huge Object got Exploded/Collision
Where from that Object Come ? We canot imagine back in to the HISTORY prior to 600 crore Years.We have No possible theories What happened 100000000000000000000 years Back. Very Absurd..Perhaps No solar System, No Galaxy Formation, 

There must be some energy/to create some matter.
Again How that energy existed, and from Where?

how particles came into existence
well, i believe that hobsons particle or god particles are responsible for creation of matter.they form a layer in the form of energy and the particles which pass through them are believed to acquire mass.

its higgs boson
To be precise, its the Higgs field which is though to be responsible for the "mass" property of matter.
This field interacts with particles and the amount of effect that a particle faces while traveling through this field is expressed as its mass... a crude example would be the viscosity of a liquid. The more viscous it is, the harder it is to travel through it. What i have described is a crude example to enable the visualization of the process, the actual matter/field interaction is far more complicated.
Quantum mechanics tells us that every filed is quantized ( hence the concept of gauge Bosons). Likewise, the Higgs field is also assumed to be quantized and the quanta is the Higss particle (Boson).

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