Sunday, April 19, 2009

BCCI' Yearly Expense

Have you ever wondered at the total yearly expense on BCCI.

'Chandrayan' by ISRO was done at only 1/10th the cost of BCCI yearly expense. So, hasn't time really come for us to unite against cricket and divert those funds towards arms and ammunition for the defence of our country. Our country has a miserable condition in the defence sector when compared with other biggies.

Has anyone here seen 'future weapons' show that comes on Discovery channel. At that time I really pity my country. See how much money they are using for the research and safety for their countries. They have one thing in common- none of the country has a team for cricket.

Many of my friends here must be thinking, 'semane sethi fight karantu amara kana jauchi, amara ta kichi hauni na'. Time has come my dear friends to unite for a larger cause. Taliban is a night' ride away from our country. So please, lets unite against these useless cricket matches and force them to use the money in a proper way.

dude ..bcci is richest sporting board nt just in cricket even in other sports..
they r pvt body they dont come under govt they dont beg fund frm govt
so relax dude!!they gave millions to our poor govt too
anyways nobody will b against bcci
yes they run behind money ..tell me who dosent
they r nt doing ne thing illigal things

hey have big big big money invested in soccer, baseball, ice hockey etc...!! we only have cricket...Indian govt should increase their taxing grip ...many people escape that

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