Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vodafone Live Games Ad Featured by zoozoo. Funny Animated Zoozoo cartoon ad.

A small Kid Zoozoo innocently plays a see-saw in a playground.
very alone! but still it manages to play the game alone. It changes the see-saw seat alternatively. It really looks funny when the zoozoo kid is so keen to play the see-saw.
Shows the real innocence of Zoozoo!!
Vodafone Live games is a wonderful concept. The Way They deliver the ads to consumers is so special!!

Vodafone Live Games advertisement.
Vodafone Playground ad.
Vodafone small kid playing see-saw ad.
Vodafone cartoon ad for live games.
Vodafone funny commercial featured by zoozoos for " vodafone live games "..
New Vodafone Commercial animated ad for live games.

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