Sunday, April 26, 2009

The TAMIL Cause, Sri Lanka and India:Future

First of all we need to keep our fingers crossed because the upcoming days won’t be easier for anyone.The LTTE is on the verge of death which was crushed totally by Sri Lankan Army a week back.
There is a valid reason that each and every Tamils will be angry at.They should be.But there were no ways left for anyone to deal with a fascist and ruthless power.One tends to think that it was Rajiv Gandhi who made it possible for LTTE in Sri Lanka .But no.IN ‘70s Sri Lanka was well disposed towards Pakistan.So Indira Gandhi had a clear cut policy for Sri Lanka.
1)To make the Government of Sri Lanka responsive to the security concerns of India.
2)To give the Sri Lankan Tamils a strong voice and capability to find a negotiated political solution to their problems without the GOI unduly getting involved in the process of finding a political solution.
But later Rajiv Gandhi failed to give it a shape and met with confusion and disaster at last.And LTTE was independent which led to this today.Policy making which was at fault not the cause which India still carries and after this SL war on LTTE,every Tamil who are now crying out against GOI will see by themselves what Indian professionals will do.Long live the Tamil cause.
26 years with the organization Prabhakaran slowly moved away from rational movement to a fascist movement.Apart from killing thousands of innocent Sri Lankan citizens and Tamils too with IEDs & also killing of many SL leaders,they assassinated Rajiv Gandhi in may 1991.A person who did the most for the Tamil cause ? Yes for some reasons his policy was at fault ,but if till yesterday LTTE existed that’s mostly because of Indira Gandhi and Rajib Gandhi.Even if LTTE isn’t their actual brainchild,they have done most for ‘em.This irrational side of LTTE and mass killing over the years including the Prime Minister of one country made it happen what has happened throughout last couple of months.

LTTE took support & money from ISI,they took the training from Hezbollah,the PLO of yasar Arafat,and also Pakistan’s Harkat-ul Mujahideen.Indian professionals were convinced couple of months back that there were immediate threats on the life’s of Sonia Gandhi and Pranab Mukherjee.What for ?We don’t take charge ? Obviously,we will take charge will make someone take charge against this force.War is war,people will die,you need to accept this fact in this world. shocking use of the Tamil civilians in order to delay the final end of the counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism campaign undertaken by the SL army now proves the point.

We provided with them Intelligence inputs,we sent our ARC planes for surveillance.We helped them in whatever manner we were able to.But that doesn’t mean it is the end of Tamil cause.India will provide them another Tamil leader to fight in a good manner and India will push hard this time to GSL.You will see very soon GSL will officially announce about their bilateral relations with India,how HIGH it is.We are at pick now with ‘em,so it is the highest chance for us to tell them what to do next.India Is almost in its way to become superpower we need to dominate the entire region.So the policy we are upto now with Sri Lanka and Tamils are the best one,and hopefully will get positive results. Indian professionals need to understand one thing, it is in India’s interest that the LTTE as a terrorist organization is destroyed once and for all, but it is not in India’s interest that the Sri Lankan Government and Armed Forces proceed from the destruction of the LTTE to the destruction of the Tamil aspirations for greater political and economic rights.

Kudos to Sri Lankan Army but Long live Tamil cause.

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