Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bloodbath in Gaza

The fact is Israel has no choice, its surrounded by countries which have sworn to decimate it, so what else can it do, bend its back over and beg to be fucked?

And actually the Arabs have been harmed more by their fellow Arabs than the Israelis.

Its the Hamas, and the assorted jihadi groups, that use kids as human shields, so that they gain sympathy from the assorted bunch of bleeding heart liberals in the West. 

And what about the so called Arab friends of Palestine. Jordan wants to annex Palestine, in its quest for Trans Jordan. Lebanon is in middle of a civil war.

In Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Palestinian refugees are treated like scum, so much for the Arab brotherhood funda.

High time the Arabs take a good look in the mirror, instead of indulging in sympathy mongering.

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