Monday, April 20, 2009

Things we can do to fight back the evangelist.

Things we can do to fight back.

1. Do not shop at stores or buy products from companies owned by evangelicals, eg. Tangs Department Store in Singapore, Forever 21 in the US. Does anyone have a list?

2. Patronize shops that have traditional altars, and buy things from shops selling traditional religious goods.

3. Do not support singers and actors who are evangelicals.

4. On flag day, do not give money to Christian charities, give instead to Buddhist, Taoist or non-religious organizations, or donate to temples.

5. Show your pride by wearing prayer beads, or tradtional amulets. Evangelicals will see your prayer beads or amulets and try to preach to you. Engage them, and instead try to make them see the error of their ways.

6. Do not send your children to Christian mission schools. Their mission is to make you turn away from your traditioanl culture, and do things the European Christian way.

7. Do not vote for evangelicals in government elections. If you get to meet candidates, ask them their religious views.

8. Attend traditional festivals to keep the culture alive.

9. Spread the word.

The above is more important if u r living in Andra Pradesh & Tamil NAdu..
This two states are at present most infested by this Evangelist..
(i dont have normal Christians..But this Evangelists are very bad)

I dont have normal Christians.

You make us look fools.
So shut up

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