Sunday, April 19, 2009

New vodafone Commercial IPL Contest. Vodafone ipl contest ad. Animated

This ad From Vodafone Is different in its way.
Vodafone has blended the IPL concept in its ad very nicely.
Aliens Gonna Lift A IPL Cricketer and moves in a possession...
Happily, Cheerfully..
There will be 2 spectators who witnesses this scene and stares at them!
There looks show everything. IPL Players are getting So Much Respect Why Not Us!!
hehe.. Such A Nice ad From vodafone. Vodafone IPL Contest ad.
BackGround Music is too good!

2nd Part Of Vodafone IPL contest advertisement is released.
IPL Contest part2 advertisement featured by zoozoos. Be the superstar of the match part2.

For The Vodafone IPL Contest Part2 ad description..
See Here:

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