Sunday, April 19, 2009

In Amethi, Rahul is PM-in-waiting

"You all just wait and watch where Rahul-ji would reach within a year," the Captain Satish Sharma told a public gathering in Jagdishpur. 

Recalling the time, 26 years ago when he had accompanied Rajiv Gandhi to Amethi on a similar election campaign. Rajiv then was party general secretary. But just a year later, Rajiv became the prime minister. Today Rahul is the general secretary, he said. " Ab aane wala samay dikhlayega Rahulji kahan pahunchate hain ," he added amid wild applause from the audience and smile from Rahul.

HE was giving a Speech in Amethi n said 

"Main aapko ek sachi kahani batata hoon " .. all he was doing .. reading from the NOTES !! duh !! ... 

fooling "aam" aadmi

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