Friday, April 17, 2009


Well many of u might have read the book 'The Secret' or might have seen the movie 'the secret'.....I came across this book 6 days ago and man I just loved the concept of this book and hence thought of starting this topic to share the knowledge of secret wid u ppl

So this is for ppl who dont knw wht is they can also contribute to the topic

so whts the secret???
the secret is the law of attraction....and law of attraction says 'you attract wht u think' get wht u focus on.....
if u think i want more money you will get more money
if u think i want to get out of ll atract more dbt...because you r focusing on debt
if you think i want gr8 body....u ll hav gr8 body
if you say i dont want to b fat....u ll become more fat....since you r focusing on fat

the secret is like allahdin's genie who always says " your wish is my command"
so the whole universe is our genie who fulfills whtever we wish

there r 3 simple steps to follow the secret
Its like making the command to the universe....let the universe know wht u want...and the universe will respond to ur thoughts

Second step is to believe tht wht u hav asked is already yours.....believe in the unseen

and now tht u believe tht u hav wht u want to hav so there is no reason u should feel the third step is to feel good.....receive wht u want to have and thn feel good abt it..

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