Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bing Background Image BoraBora on June 14

Photo Courtesy:
Sergio Pitamitz/Robert Harding World Imagery/Getty Images

Bing Background Image Flag Day on June 14

Photo Courtesy:

Cincinnati Museum Centre --William Manning/Corbis

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bing Background Image Egret on June 13

Bing Wallpaper Egret

Photo Courtesy:
Phil Scherimeister / National Geographic Culture / Getty Images.

Get Information on Egret by Wikipedia.

Photo of Egret along with Search Box:

Bing Wallpaper Egret

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Bing Background Image Miami on June 13

Bing Wallpaper Miami

Photo Courtesy: Florida -- Ethel Davies / Imagestate RM/Photolibrary

Get Information on City of Miami by wikipedia.

Bing Way of Describing
The City of Miami in its Search Engine homepage.
This Booming metropolis, Miami, is one of the major US cities founded by a lady...

Tropical Climate and the city's diverse popluation and Money which is perfect for TV shows.

Forbes Magazine ranked this city America's Cleanest in 2008.

Miama's Proximity to Cuba has nade it a home for thousands of cubans

Bing Wallpaper along with search box:
Bing Background image Miami

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Bing Background Image Badlands on June 12.

Bing background imagePhoto Courtesy:
Jack Dykinga / Riser / Getty Images

Today's Bing Background image is Badlands
Get More Information on Bandlands by Wikipedia.

Bing Background Image, Bing Wallpaper Along With Search Box :

Bing Badlands Wallpaper
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Bing Background Image The Strip( Los Vegas,Nevada) on June 12

bing wallpaper los vegas

Photo Courtesy:
Las Vegas Nevada--Reiner Riedler/ Anzenberger Agency/ Jupiter Images

Bing Background image The Strip(Los Vegas, Nevada)
Here is The Bing Wallpaper Which has been put up on Bing Search Homepage on June 12th of 2009.
A Very High Quality Picture, A Pyramid Emitting Light at Its Tip is so pleasent to watch.
In The Home Page The Bing Describes on the Picture with a pop up type Tags.
As Seen from Space, The City of Los Vegas is the brightest metropolitan area on Planet Earth.
And Also It Suggests You The Link Aliens May Invade Here
It Also Says That Los Vegas is nowadays famous for casinos rather than gambling. And Tells You To Check This Link cirque du soleil vegas .
It also asks you the question What Does Los Vegas Look Like
and a quick link Depends on Your Casino which directs to Bing Maps
It Also Describes in Home Page That
People of Los Vegas Think Only of Onething

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Bing Background Image with Search Box

bing wallpaper

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to create an Alphabetical Link ??

The Question:

I need to create a list of Alphabetical links (Ex. A B C D E on) which are bound to a Gridview. On click of "A" the GridView should display all records from database starting with Alphabet "A"........and so on.
FYI.....The Links are outside the GridView. so cant use the Alphabetical paging thing.

Is there any generic way to create the links instead of creating 26 diff links and firing as many events??

u can use select statement to select particular data from the databeese
u said thet u click on "A"
so u have to write the code under the "A" botton click event
assume that ur table name was "student " n the columns are sno,name, marks
here the select quiry to select the student name in alphabetical order
suppose u need to select names which are started vth "A" the the select statement was
select name from student where name like ' %A '

I am aware of the Select statement......
My main issue is that i dont want to add 26 for each there a way to generate the links.... ??

why dont u use same event say 'openlink' on click of every button?just pass command name for different button for example for a use onclick='openlink' commandname ='a' and in the event use switch case operation.

Searching For Better Solution!

print 1 to N

Write a C function that will print 1 to N one per each line on the
stdout where N is a int parameter to the function. The function should
not use while, for, do-while loops, goto statement, recursion, and
switch statement.

please do not post solutions using the ASM keyword and JUMP instructions inside it.

Solutions So Far:

Use setjmp and longjmp

they are used to invalidate the stack context, and return to the main function directly if inbetween more than 1 nested calls to other functions has been made. How will you use it for the desired purpose?

Is This Correct???

void nprint(int n)
char output[] = "1\n2\n3\n ... 32765\n32766\n32767\n";
char strn[5], *cp;

sprintf(strn, "%d", n);
cp = strstr(output, strn);
*(cp + strlen(strn) + 1) = '\0';

fputs(output, stdout);

I don't think this is a good question, i solved it using threads, but that's not really different of a recursion, changing the stack is just like a goto and the solution above use strstr that uses a loop, so I wouldn't spend much time trying to solve this shit question because all solutions will be crap.


Try This:
int i=1; //global

void a()
if(i==N) { printf("%d",i); exit(); }
else { printf("%d",i); i++; }

void b()
if(i==N) { printf("%d",i); exit(); }
else { printf("%d",i); i++; }

How about This:

void main(int a,char **b)
int no,i,j;
char c[100]="ccprog ";
char d[100];
printf("enter the value \n");

Do You Have Still Good Solution?
Please Share Here..

Falling water always looks WHITE, why?

Falling water always looks WHITE,why?

i think its due to the phenomenon of scattering of light due to water molecules.

i think it might be due to lather so thats why it is white

See in case of falling water, there are impurities in far greater amounts than the concentration of water molecules themselves. and these impurity molecules generally after scattering normally gives out white colour.Water molecules also scatter light no doubt, but impurity atoms generally dominating and with Rayleigh's criterion we observe water to be white.

what if we consider pure water like BISLERY ????i mean u wanna to say that its becoz of impurities ,bt i think that its t case in case of pure water too.

in case of pure water, theoretically EXTREMELY PURE WATER should appear blue and thats how it is in case of pure mountain water.

u can think of it analogus to fibre optics of paper going transparent when soaked in oil and otherwise white
well to be prescise when water is falling the roplets are running here n there so the distribution of refractive indexes is non-uniform
and where tranparent molecules have refraative index n are distribulted non uniformly
the thing look white best eg is paper made of cellulose which is otherwise transpaerent but paper is white
in case of falling water somehere there is water droplet in somewhere air molecules so momentraly u get a situation where u see the water white
this is why instead if u make the water fall slowly it falls with uniform distribution and remains transparent

which answer is correct?

Why No Insulated Covering on Overhead wires running through the poles on the streets?

Our household wires all have insulated covering, using rubber, plastic or whatever it is. But the overhead wires running through the poles on the streets do not have any insulated covering. Explain.

It could be a way to save the finances, i guess

Reducing cost and reducing Electrostatic and magnetic coupling.

It's quite unlikely that someone would go up to a height of approximately 25 feet just to touch the wires. Moreover, if anyone touches the wires one would not complete the circuit. So there is least use of insulation.
While repairing, electrical supply is switched off.

The Great Transmission Line Theory
1. The wires running overhead do not have any insulating covering, ya it's absolutely true because in actual they don't need that.

2.Though the voltage carried by them is 230V to 4000V(in HV system), the separation is enough to produce very high impedance in order to avoid any coupling, also as someone said earlier the probability to someone touch that wire is also low.

3.Almost all such wires are made up of Aluminium, the conductor is having property of expansion, now if we put any insulator like Bakelite it may crack due to the expansion.
using rubber may solve the problem but then, the rubber too become hard due to prolong exposure to sunlight.

4. All connections made over such wires are just by warping another wire over them, as in Indian villages, so everytime removing that insulation will not be feasible.

5. Finally to conclude I would like to add... Addition of insulation does not add to the quality of transmission, ya it may prevent energy theft to certain point but the capital cost will be more than that. so the overhead transmission lines are normally not coated with insulation, but as in some crowded places they do cover them with pipes, or some insulation to avoid accidents.

Do You Agree?

Bing Background Image Great Barrier Reef on June 11(US)

Great Barrier Reef Bing Wallpaper
Great Barrier Reef, between Cairns and Townsville Australia -- Yann Arthus- BetrandVTerra Standard RMVCorbis

About Great Barrier Reef:
World's Only Biggest Single Structure made by Living Organisms....
Get Complete Information on
Great Barrier Reef by Wikipedia

Get Info On
Yann Arthus- BetrandVTerra Standard RMVCorbis

Check Out All Bing Wallpaper Collection:

Bing Background Image Uluru on June 11

Bing background images Uluru
Photo Credits: Corbis/Photolibrary Corbis/ Photo Library

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is listed by World Heritage.
Situated in Northern Territory of Australia..
Here is Uluru Mapped on Australia as Ayers Rock..

More Information on
Uluru by Wikipedia

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About Corbis/Photolibrary:
Here You can Get Information on Corbis Photo Library
You Can Browse Fullsize images in corbis..
It Provides You Iconic, Rights Managed Stock Images and also Royalty Free Images.
For Commercial Applications.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bing Background Image (Wallpaper) River Douro on June 10

River Douro, Portugal
Michele Falzone/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

A Spectacular Image in Bing's Home page Today...
Know More About Douro..

Where exactly is River Douro? Show Me The Map

Get Complete Information on
River Douro in WikiPedia

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Google knows "Bing Webmaster" better than Bing!! Bing Fails

Yeah Its True!
I was just thinking of submitting my webpage url to bing.. so i searched for "bing webmaster" in our brand new "bing decision engine" . Since Bing Webmaster is obviously a product of Bing, I thought It should result in Rank1 of search result when i search something like bing webmaster.

LoL! This Never Happened!

Bing Never Discovered (decided) whether to show its product Bing Webmaster!
hahaha! really it happens! just search for bing webmaster in your bing decision engine! it absolutely shows this stupid shit!

bing failure

It is Absolute Failure, Is it not?? Bing Cannot find its own product! How can it search the whole web then! ROFL!

Let Us See what happens when we search for "Bing Webmaster" in Google..
Here We Go This is the Result!

Wow! Google Searched Bing's Product so fastly!
How is this possible! Google is aware of Bing's Product But Bing Never Know about Bing's own product Bing Webmaster!

Check Google's Search on Bing Webmaster

Please Do Give Your Feedback on this post!

Bing Wallpapers are Stunning. Bing Background Image Collection.

The One Good Reason Why You Need to use Bing Search Engine, (I'm Sorry Bing Decision Engine) is that to check all new high quality photos which they update each day. I Think The Wallpaper what they put in Search Page Varies from Region to region. I live in India and My Bing Collection May Not Match with Other Country/Region's Collection. I have a collection of all these wallpapers and i missed some cool pictures(forgot to save it).. I will Compile It Later and Publish Here..
Presently I have These Bing Background Images.

Helped Me In Getting These Images.
Copyrights are owned By Microsoft or Microsoft Affiliated Companies or Respective Owners.

You Can Also See Todays Bing Wallpaper(June 10) Here

Updated Bing WallPapers:
Here We Go, Just Now I got all Remaining Bing Background Images:

Bing Background Whales
Above Picture: Whales, Perrine DougVPacific StockVPhotolibrary

Bing Wallpaper, Water Drops
Above Picture: Water Drops, Shari L. MorrisVPhotolibrary

Bing Light House Wallpaper
Above Picture:Light House, Gerhard SchulzVPhotolibrary

Bing Background image Chocolate Hills, Bing Wallpaper
Above Picture: Chocolate Hills, Per-Andre HoffmanVPicture PressVPhotolibrary

Bing Wallpapers, Brittany,
Above Picture: Brittany, Thompson PaulVPhotolibrary

Here I have Got Few More Stunning Bing WallPapers::

 Bing Wallpaper River Walk, Persa Street Bridge
Above Picture: River Walk, Persa Street Bridge, San Antonio River Walk-- Richard CumminsVEncyclopedia Standard RMVCorbis

 Bing Background image Old Town, Old Town Square, Prague

Above Picture: Old Town, Old Town Square, Prague, Czech Republic-- Jon Arnoldld

Bing Wallpaper Florence, Ponte Vecchio Duomo cathedral on Arno River in Florence, Italy
Above Picture: Florence, Ponte Vecchio Duomo cathedral on Arno River in Florence, Italy -- Chad EhlersVPhotolibrary

Bing Image Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak floating market, Thailand , Bing Wallpaper

Above Picture: Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak floating market, Thailand -- Jay

Bing Background Image D-Day, France,
Above Picture: D-Day, France, Calvados, Omaha beach, one of the beaches of the Normandy landings during the Second World War -- Bertland Rieger Vhemis.frVGetty Images

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collection of

Bing Background Image (WallPaper) on June 10. Preikestolen.

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Everyday, Bing Updates Its BackGround Image in its Home Search Page.
I really liked this move from Bing. It Tempts me to Check The BackGround Image Everyday when i get connected to internet..
I just Type in My address Bar.. and will wait just for a second, This Sweet Bing Surprises Me Each Day With Its Cool Awesome Picture..

This Is The Image What They Have Put up on 10 June 2009!

I have Clipped Image Along With The Search Box Too!
Here is The Picture:

About The Background Image "Preikestolen":
Preikestolen is a massive Cliff in Forsland of Norway.
You Can Get More Information on
Preikestolen here

Copy rights of Image is owned by:
Doug Pearson/Jon Arnold Travel/Photolibrary.

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Jharkhand Blast Kills 11 jawans.

I am Sorry! A sad Story Again In India.. Ndtv Reporting Blasts in Jarkhand Killing around 11 Jawans..
It is Developing Story and the news is Just Coming In:
I read The Following News:

The Naxals have struck again. Eleven jawans have been killed in Jharkhand's Chaibasa district where Naxals blew up a vehicle in which security men were travelling with landmines.

The incident took place at Goyalkhrha area of Chaibasa.

Earlier, Naxals struck in Gadchiroli in Maharashtra. In one of the worst attacks of its kind in Dhanora, Maharashtra, 16 policemen including an inspector were killed in an ambush.

For the first time four of them were women constables.

I know the situation is very grim in Jharkhand. Outskirts and interior regions are not safe. They loot public vehicles from highway :-|
Now this is something which should open the administrator's eye. sad.
I dont know why Government of India and State Government needs so much time to solve the problems of Indian people.

Blasts at Goyalkhrha area of Chaibasa in Jarkhand.
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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Apple iPhone @99$=4710Rs [DISCUSSION @INDIA]

Apple just announced at WWDC 2009 that the 8GB iPhone 3G will stay on the market for $99
Is iPhone Good?
Why It is not popular in india??

I have seen everyone using same old nokia phones in India...
want some change!

Go for Blackberry bold

what is the cost of blacberry bold??


but u wont get for that price in India

the price wud be around 2-4 times more in india..

the price wud be around 2-4 times more in india..

Why is that so???
are we selling nano car @2,00,000 or 4,00,000 Rs Outside India??

err, that $99 will be under 3 year contract !!
it will be 3-4 times more in India !!

3g (3rd generation) is the new tech. in mobile communication. it will support all advance multimedia features, like we can see the person to whom I am talking simultaneously.for that we need advanced hand sets which support these advanced features and some time past airtel had launched 3g sets but it was costing around 30k so didnt get success.............
3g network need much more bandwidth.

lets hope we will soon enjoy 3g phones with affordable cost.

Why is that so???
are we selling nano car @2,00,000 or 4,00,000 Rs Outside India??

nano is shit....
it wont have any buyers abroad....
yea u can try it to porkies they will probably mount a machine gun on it and
make it a tank

I guess
Nano Car will be lil bit expensive if its sold outside India !! .. but India's duties/taxes on foreign goods makes it expensive !! ... ... and

and if its not under any Contract ! sop... it will be more expensive

Apple Iphone major disadvantage u cnt use bluetooth like normal
this was the major reason i bgt nokia 5800 yesterday itself

cut off that shit.....and wait for sonyericssons Satio and Aino.....with 12.1 and 8 megapixel cams.....functions more than iphone...


iPhones are sold tied with network. People in US are used to buy handsets tied with operators, as US is a CDMA country. India being a GSM country, we are used to buying handsets and connections separately, and we can use any operator's SIM in our handsets. To do the same with iPhone, it needs to be hacked. That's why its still not popular in India.

yep dude... they are coming up with new version iphone 3G S.... and i tell u iPhone 3g rocks.. i have been using since almost an year now.. its really very very cool.. u wud luv it... well.. in india may be we ain't have 3g coverage.. and lot of features we dun generally use in india.. or the features we use in india like text msg forwarding wasn't there in earlier iphone.. also there was no video recording in earlier one.. but apart frm that.. they have got this iPhone kit.. so developers from all over the world develope iPhone applications... and some applications are jus amazing.. and may be its not popular in india bcos of prize.. here we get it for like 199 $ and in india u gotta pay may be 20+ thousand Rs... i guess when Apple launched iPhone, steve jobs had told iPhone prize wud b same all over the world... but dunno why its not same in india.. anyway.. i would really say .. iPHone is juz amazing and most powerful phone in the world right now :)

What is Your Response??

Monday, June 8, 2009

Orkut Rejecting Captcha While Posting Any Links

I am experiencing a very different problem in orkut these days.
I use orkut more than any social networking sites.. I have Connected with almost all my friends in orkut. And Participating in Various Orkut Communities is my routine..

I sometime need to post some links or images in Orkut for (so i copy the required url from address bar and paste it on my post)
once i choose to submit my post. It shows me to a distorted letters called as "CAPTCHA"
CAPTCHA is a Program Which It Distinguishes Human from Computer Generated Program (or Bots)..CAPTCHA is adopted by Orkut to Stop Spammers who continuously Spam using Posting Program..
CAPTCHA acts as shield against SPAM..
well, If I am Human I must Be able to Recognize those patterns!
Yeah I am Human For Sure!
Orkut Still Rejecting My Submissions..

Though I carefully read CAPTCHA and fill in that in a given blank... it shows me an error message and asks me to fill the CAPTCHA again!
Is This Complete CAPTCHA failure??

Or Am I Not a Human????

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