Thursday, April 16, 2009


What Will happen to a circuit when open,Short circuited and Connected to the Load. When connected to the Load, power will be transferred to the load.. but under OPEN and LOAD conditions????

Open and short circuit does not draw any power.....the entire power supplied by the source is reflected absorption.......voltage reflection coefficient is +1 in open circuit and -1 in short circuit......for a detailed treatment of this topic read the concept transmission line from any book of Electromagnetics (Elements Of Electromagnetics by M.N.O. Sadiku,Oxford press...or Transmission lines and fields by John D. Ryder.....these 2 books gives a very good insight into the topic for beginners). Open,short loads,matched load, conjugate load....these are very broad topics.....low frequency circuit theory (KCL,KVL) is only an you move to higher frequencies you have to analyze circuits by Maxwell's eqns,transmission line equations.....but for any frequency open and short does not absorb any power......pure inductors and pure capacitors does not draw any power......for drawing power you have to have a resistive part in the load.

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