Saturday, February 28, 2009

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What is Tavis Smiley Presents???

"Tavis Smiley Presents" is an Event production company which is dedicated to bring thought provoking discussions, engaging many town hall meetings,& consumer expos to communities across the country. During the last 6 years, its programs have reached more than Three Hundred Thousand conference attendees & attracted millions and millions of television viewers nationwide. Tavis Smiley is the host of Tavis Smiley on PBS, it is a weeknight half-hour talk show, & he is the host of The Tavis Smiley Show from PRI, a 2 hour news & opinion program featuring provocative commentary & exclusive interviews... He is the editor of the Covenant with Black America & author of 10 books, including the Oct 2006 release,Title is " What I Know for Sure"... He was the one who founded the Tavis Smiley Foundation to provide leadership training skills to youth ages thirteen-eighteen. More information: visit

Friday, February 27, 2009

Eris is the Biggest Dwarf Planet Beyond Neptune.

Eris, the very biggest dwarf planet beyond Planet Neptune, is now at its furthest point from the Sun. At this distance Eris never gets very much sun light & any heating of Plutoid would be at a very minimum. However, the 2 recent observations of Eris 've shown a drastic and sudden change in the body's surface composition. Analysis of Spectroscopic suggests that frozen nitrogen has dramatically varied during the 2 years Eris had been at this furthest point in its orbit from the Sun. We can call this as very unexpected, there should have been a small change in nitrogen concentration at this point in its 556 year orbit..........

The researchers deduced from the comparison of the old data of 2005//2007? Lines of spectroscopic methane lines ve become diluted by a very high increased quantity of nitrogen. The 2005 results showed a more higher concentration of nitrogen near the surface, at the same time the 2007 results show a higher concentration below the surface. For a dwarf planet like Eris to demonstrate a very high rapid change in surface composition shall appear to show very high dynamic process is at work.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Operations Research: A Notes Given By My Lecturer...

in the course of engineering, we have an option to choose our desired subject out of 5.. called as "elective" subject..
operations research! Yeah! i chose this subject!!!
i don't know how it's related to engineering field!.. it's truly about commerce maths, equations, where we must plot some graph at the end...

well, at this time(the time i am blogging) i have very limited knowledge!!!
i have attended only 2 to 3 classes.

Whatever!, i learnt some new concepts in OR!!!
I heard my teacher saying these three things often:
1.Objective Function
2.Decision Variables

Well let me define Objective function
(copying from notes!!) In most of the model there will be a function to maximize or minimize. This function is called objective function of the model!

Now Defining "Decision Variables"
Decision variables are values. These Values under our control influence the performance of the system!!

Now Defining "Constraints"
Restrictions on the values of decision variables are called constraints!!!

After all these, we solved some problems.. X,Y,Z!!
hmm lots more to tell about this crazy "operations research"!!
in my upcoming blog!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Computer virus ‘grounds’ fighter planes

A virus attack on French military computers had grounded the nation’s naval fighter planes after pilots failed to download their flight plans, media reports in France said.

According to the Liberation newspaper, the virus infected the Navy’s flight databases and Rafale aircraft were “nailed to the ground” on January 15 and 16.

Though Microsoft had warned several months beforehand that the Conficker virus, transmitted through Windows, was attacking computers, media reports claimed the French military ignored the warning.

However, the Navy has admitted that during the time it took to eradicate the virus, it had to return to more traditional forms of communication – telephone, fax and post.

“It affected exchanges of information but no information was lost. We cut the communication links that could have transmitted the virus and 99 per cent of the network is safe,” Navy spokesman J√©rome Erulin said.

In fact, the virus attacked the non-secured internal French navy network called Intramar and was detected on 21 January. The whole network was affected and military staff were instructed not to start their computers.

Naval officials informed that the “infection” was probably due more to negligence than a deliberate attempt to compromise French national security.

“The virus problem had no effect on availability of our forces,” officials said.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Green Aircraft. Aero India 2009 Pics.

Aero India 2009 Photos.

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Awesome Aero-India 2009!

Photos of Aero India 2009!


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Aero Space. Aero India 2009!

The Beautiful Aircraft at Aero India 2009 at Bangalore, India.

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Falcon 2000DX Aircraft at Airshow. Aero India 2009.

Pictures of Aero India 2009.

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Photos of Israel Aerospace Industry. Aero India 2009.

Pictures of Aircrafts kept in exhibition.
Israel Aerospace Industries.

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Cute Airplane. Aero India 2009.

Small and sweet Aircraft!

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New Aero India 2009 Pics.


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Aero India 2009. India. Asia.

Aero India 2009 Pictures.

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Multi Role Transport Aircraft. Aer India 2009.

Exclusive Pictures.

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Aircraft Exhibition. Aero India 2009

Pictures of Aero-India 2009. Aero India. Asia's Biggest Airshow at Yelahanka, Bangalore.

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Air Show! Aero INDIA 2009

Exclusive Photos of Aero India 2009.

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Air Show 2009. Aero India 2009.

Aero India.

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AeroSpace, Aero India 2009.

Asia's Premeire Air Show.
Exclusive photos.
Aero India 2009.

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Aero India 2009. Airshow at Yelahanka, India.

Air show in India.
7th Aero India
Exclusive Aero India Pics.


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Aero India 2009 exclusive pics.

Aeroplanes in Airshow. Photos of Aero India 2009.

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Aero India 2009

Photos of Aero India 2009

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Exclusive Pictures of Aero India 2009

Fresh Photos of Aero India 2009.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photo: A Space Colony Of People.

A Space Colony Of Ten Thousand People.
Courtesy: NASA

Stars Formation in Infant Galaxy

The level of star forming activity in the Orion-KL region in the Orion nebula is comparable to the central region of J1148+5251, but confined to a much smaller volume of space.
(Courtesy: NASA, ESA, Robberto (STScI/ESA),Orion Treasury Project Team)

Diameter of a mere 4K light-years (by comparison: the Milky Way galaxy's diameter ranges to 100,000 light-years), the star-forming core of J1148+5251 is extremely productive in short.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Subsequence data of Chandrayaan-1 reveals this

Chandrayaan-1 photos updated

2.5D Visualization( Coulomb C Crater)

Some Different Views of Coulomb C Crater by Chandrayaan-1