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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Drought threat looms over India

As of July 6, monsoon was 44% deficient in the region that includes Punjab, Haryana and west UP — the granary of the country.

-Food article inflation will be higher

-Due to this fear Stock market down by 5% in 2 days

The situation is just as grim in Haryana. Delay in rainfall has created a major power and water crisis. Though the state government tried its best to deal with the situation with purchase of additional power from different sources, unscheduled power cuts continue to plague people, triggering protests in various parts of the state. "Yes, there is a huge gap between demand and supply, with shortage sometimes going up to 200 lakh units. But we are trying to bridge this gap by purchasing power," said Haryana power minister Randeep Singh Surjewala.

Terrorism on Earth: What, Why and by Whom?

Terrorism on Earth: What, Why and by Whom
It is duty of all religious leaders to teach good lesson to its community and culture for peaceful co-existence and maintain harmony and peace in civilized Earthian human civilization. Killing of one human to another human is most uncivilized barbaric act on human civilization. Terrorism, bomb blast , killing , destruction are very easy lesson to follow but end result will never good .
For Example To convert one barren land on earth into civilized metropolitan city takes hundreds of years using constructive power and energy but if you want to destroy it using destructive force and energy it will take few minutes to wipe out entire building and metropolitan civilization using our destructive energy we have build-up. Why to follow the path of destruction when both force cannot able to produces same result , I mean to say can you able to build metropolitan city on barren land on earth within few minutes.
World terrorism is activated by some segments of human religions and spreading which was causing their own destruction. Take the lesson learned by Hitler self destruction who wish to wipeout whole Jews civilization from this earth and what happened history is the witness.
Change Management is good management practice and has to change our-self for good cause.
What is wrong pl read wikipedia & watch the FITNA movies

Derrick Thomas Death - Facebook Response - Derrick Thomos dies

This group is dedicated to the memory of former Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas (1967-2000), one of the greatest pass rushers to ever play the game and an all around great guy off the field.

Over his 11 year career Derrick Thomas put up some incredible numbers including: 126.5 sacks, 3 safeties, 45 forced fumbles, 19 fumble recoveries,4 touchdowns and 1 interceptions.

Thomas also holds the NFL record for most sacks in a single game (7), which Sports Illustrated and NFL Network put on there "Top 10 Records Never to Be Broken ".

Off the field Thomas was very active in the community. He along with Niel Smith, starting the "3rd and Long Foundation," whose purpose is to improve reading and learning abilities of disadvantaged school children around the Kansas City area.

On January 31, 2009 Derrick Thomas was finally inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame after five years of eligibility, Thomas is also a member of the Kansas City
Chiefs Hall of Fame.

How Google does this?

When you type some thing wrong in Google, it asks do you mean some thing else?
How Google does this pretty good service.

I think it finds the closest string to the query string.
Here closeness to a string means number of steps required to convert from one string to another string.
It finds the string closest to the query string among the strings stored in its database and then it displays that string.

May be it also applies some optimization techniques also to search the relevant strings only.

It uses the Distance Edition algorithm

Closely matching string can be found out by the edit-distance and then It might be using a ranking schema to rank all the close matches, based on the search patterns (collected from past records).

When I type "einstn" it is suggesting "Einstein", but when I type "Einste" it is not showing any thing even though the string distance is two,may be they consider past data to suggest this as well as Rajat said.

It a spell check algorithm based on edit distance and probably phonetic soundex.

phonetic soundex...
I had something of that type in mind, but didn't know that this type of algorithms really exist. Good to know about it.

based on the edit distance
it chooses a letter according 2 qwerty keyboard i read it some where

like if someone types theu
then it will look for they becoz "y" is jus b4 "u" in qwerty keyboard and apply edit distance ...
taking the distance value according to distance of keys in keyboard and also the word in dictionary....

and also it has dictionary for most unspelled word (wrongly spelled)
eg speeled

google has repository of all the keywords of this universe

it has indexed more than billions of keywords by their context type

and once you start typing ,basically it keeps showing you the list of all words starting with the letter ,in order of search which have been searched often

it can be simply implemented by a trie structure or a dictionary

so google lateral search is more like searching a dictionary made of trie trees with one sub branch of nodes as a key word which are relevant to net users :)

i had created a context search engine in my 3rd year for a german company,so have knowledge about their such searching technique which were missing in google 2.5 years ago:)

Which Is Correct?

VTU Results 4th sem Bangalore Region Results August 2009

The Resuls of VTU 3rd/4th sem VTU exam Results are announced for all regions.
For More Information Please Check:
BE/BTech IV and III Semester Results Announced for ALL Regions.
BE/BTech VI and V Semester Results Announced for ALL Regions.
BE/BTech II and I Semester Results Announced for ALL Regions.
BE/BTech VIII and VII Semester Results Announced for ALL Regions.

3rd and 4th Sem BE / Btech Results are Announced for all Regions

Enter the University Seat No:

The Results of 3rd and 4th sem BE examination Results of VTU are released on August 08 2009. The results of 4th sem and 3rd sem VTU Exams were announced for GULBARGA and BELGAUM Regions before.
The Results of 4th sem VTU Results are out soon after the Release of VTU Results in Mysore Region.

Here is The alternate Website for Quick Result Access:

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Also for latest results alerts.

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Bing Wallpaper Today August 8

Today's Bing Image Papyrus Boat.

Papyrus boat on lake Titicaca.
Today's bing Image wallpaper.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bing Wallpaper Today August 5

Today's Bing Background Image in UK..The Background image of Bing Varies from Country to Country. The Bing Background Image on August 5 in United Kingdom... Download The Bing Wallpaper Here.
The Title for Today's Bing Wallpaper is Bastei Bridge.. Here is The Bing Image of The Day in UK

Note: Click on The Image to Enlarge
Image Credit:
Bastei Bridge, Saxon Swizerland National Park, Germany --Panoramic Images/Getty Images

Bing Background Image In United States and Other Countries on August 5
The Title of Image is

Note: Click on The Image to Enlarge
Image Credit:
Ralph Lee Hopkins/Getty Images

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Bing Wallpapers are Stunning. Bing Background Image Collection.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bing Background Image Blue Footed Bird on August 4

The Beautiful Bing Background Image which was released on August 4th is Stunning.
Two Birds will be Facing eachother in the picture..
It is Very Stunning Picture released by Bing in Recent Times.
bing image blue footed bird on august 4
Beautiful Blue Footed Bing Background Image.
Image Credit:
Pair of blue-footed boobies, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador -- MIKA STOCK/eStock Photo
See all Bing Background Images Here
Bing Wallpapers are Stunning. Bing Background Image Collection.
Bing Picture of The Day August 4.
Bing Image of the Day.

Monday, August 3, 2009

How to crack GOOGLE Interview ?

How to crack GOOGLE Interview ??
companies like google and microsoft give highest weightage to
they consider an intelligent person can learn to do things easily so instead of experience they preffer intelligence.
their questions in intreview are as follow
y potholes are round instead of square?
how many trees are there in the national park?
which judge the intelligence quotient

inteliigence is tested by difficult puzzles.. as far as i know total interview process will be around 4 hours.. all brain teasing puzzles and computer basics.. off course few questions will be like the above mentioned ones

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Cannot Post Scraps in Orkut. Orkut posting limit.

Now There Exists Posting Limit for every Orkut User...
For any non friend you are only allowed to scrap not more than 15 scraps & also you would get image verification 2 to 3 times (Captcha). After sending 15 scraps you will be blocked from scrapping any more scraps. The only remedy to continue scrapping is add him/her as a friend and then continue. For the person who are your in your friends list you can only scrap 50 scraps after which your account will be freezed. In case if any orkut user tries to scrap multiple friends 50 scraps in less than 5 minutes then his/her account would be blocked temporarily for some time (generally about 12 hours).

Hope orkut will look into the matter and increase the scrap count.

before, orkut had allowed 500 scraps from a profile. Now the scarapcount was reduced eventually to 50. Realize the difference.


if you try to post one topic after another, the system will tell you to wait a few minutes before posting your next topic. Similarly, you can't reuse a topic subject when you post.

it sayz posting is temporarily disabled

Scraps? posting? or sending req?

Orkut Is Getting Worse Nowadays :|

If we flood our id with multiple Accounts Our id gets freezed...

In this time we can't scrap or post in Community...

What is the solution to send scraps in orkut to friends now?

I've found that in this time even we can't accept or reject friends + Can't Change Status Message or Update Profile :|

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What does an atom look like?

rutherford's atom, and that of Bohr's does not satisfy experiments. the QM model says that we can only talk of probability of finding an electron at a perticular place.
the electron is in a state described by 4 quantum numbers.

One must imagine a statistical distribution of electrons only.

And a statistical distribution, should give a cloudy kind of perception, where the probablity of of finding the electron is more where the density of this cloud is more...

one thing that i would like to add in above discussion is that.
if u imagine a single atom then probability of finding an electron in infinity is there. but we take radius of atom as 90% probability of finding electron near to nucleus away from that we neglect it.

if electrons are statistically distributed, then why dont they fall towards the nucelus.
if they dont move, they shall fall, if they do, then also they shall fall(by losing enrgy)
tell me if the electrons are moving or not

Electrons in atoms have discrete levels of energy, that's why "they don't fall" (in quotes because you can't really talk about the trajectory of an electron).

And for some orbitals there is a non-zero probability of the electron to be inside the nucleus, and that is responsable, for instance, for the hyperfine splitting.

The hyperfine splitting in the hydrogen spectra has important applications in astrophysics: Tully and Fisher used the broadening of this absorption line to measure the rotation velocity of galaxies, and hence its mass, that are too far away to be measured by primary distance indicators.

It's also widely used in atomic clocks... I think, but I may be wrong, that the most modern definition of the second uses an hyperfine transition of the cesium-133.

People also use t to separate isotopes and a bunch of other stuff that I have no idea. The important message is that it's important, in some sense, the fact that the electron can be inside the nucleus with non-zero probability.

You simply can't think in classical terms, that's where your doubt comes from.

The electrons don't fall into nucleus due to uncertainty principle.The uncertainty principle forces every system to a minimum level.No energy level below the ground state exists

which is right answer?

Finding the closest points in rectangular region

suppose in XY plane if some arbirary no. of points (xi,yi)'s are given and given some input (x,y) , how can we find out n closest points to the given input point (x,y)?
please try some efficient algo...

Let's say the total number of points in XY plane is N. We have to find n << N points closer to some point (x,y).
I was looking for a solution; which doesn't depend of N. Can we find out those n points without going through all N points?

suppose there are one milloin points in the plane..then scanning through all the points takes O(1 million) time which is really bad( in case we need some 100 points closer to given point)..
we need some efficient sol.

For each (xi,yi) in the plane
Consider a circle with center (x,y) and radius distance( (x,y),(xi,yi) )

For each other point (xj,yj) in the plane(other than the circled point)

if point lies inside circle



pop all elements from stack and print them


The complexity will be no. of points*no. of points

Is This Correct??

Implement color-filling of MS-Paint

This is one of the questions that I came across recently.
Implement the Color filling of MS-paint (when u click on an image.. all the pixels connected with the same color are filled with the choosen color). Given a matrix nXn having values of a color at each element.. try to implement the color filling when one of the element is selected and color c is given with which we have to fill.

Given the starting pixel position, and the color

startX <- contains the starting row position (< M)
startY <-- contains the starting col position (< N)
image[M][N] are the pixels
oColor = image[startX][startY];
nColor <-- color value selected;

fillcolor(startX, startY);

if(x <>= M || y >= N)
if (image[x][y] != oColor && image[x][y] != nColor)

image[x][y] = nColor;
fillcolor(x-1, y);
fillcolor(x, y-1);
fillcolor(x+1, y+1);
fillcolor(x+1, y-1);
fillcolor(x-1, y+1);

Another Answer:
Let's say that the element (i,j), which was clicked, has color X, and we have to give it color Y.

Take an Empty Queue Q;
e.color = Y;

.....element e = Q.Dequeue();
.....for all neighbours (Left,right,up,down,left-up,left-down,right-up,right-down)
..........if(neighbour.color == X)
...............neighbour.color = Y;

Which is Correct?

How to show progress bar while loading datagrid?

Dear frnds

I m developing a proj in which while loading a grid it takes time after clicking on btn.
So i want to show progress bar along with grid loads......?

I doubt whether it is possible...
But you can give it a try like this...
I have two methods
both are crude...

Method 1 :
Start the progress bar tick when you click the button and end the progress bar tick when the loading of the procedure stops...

Method 2 :
Use data reader
to retrieve and on each insert in the datagrid increment the progress bar value by one...
And use Application.Doevents to see the progressbar moving...

Since loading time cant be calculated show marquee style progress bar and set cursor to busy. If loading makes your form unresponsive when clicked, do it in background thread.

Ajax has inbuilt Progress bar. I am not having visual studio right now else I would have told u exact name, but in the toll box, there are 5-6 controls like script manager, update panel etc. This progress bar one is also one of them. U just need to add this to page and provide image path in its tag which u want to show while the page is loading and the associated upadate panel. Thats it. It handles itself everything else

Loksatta is a political party started by Dr JP,IAS in 2006

Loksatta is a political party started by Dr JP,IAS
in 2006 after running 10 years of loksatta's people

on the formation of party DR JP said that this party
will not distribute liqour and money for votes and
proved the words in actions in the recent held elections
in AP.all the 249 contestants of the 294 constituencies
stood on the promise...Now the party is getting expanded
in karnataka,MH and UP

being so sincere there are no funds from the business
and other class people as they prefer to give their
black money and expect some thing in return , which loksatta
is agaist.

so the maximum funds for LOKSATTA are donted by
IT people and NRI's

the executive membership is rs1000 per year
as we need to run the rented offices in bangalore
the advanage of executive membership is
you can contest in the internal elelctions for
posts of president,general secretary etc.,.
btw DR JP though founder of the party was elected
by the karyakarthas of loksatta through secret
ballot system. Another interesting fact is
the contenders who stood against JP also acheived
good no of votes, whihc clearly shows the internal democracy.

Rotatinal Kinetic Energy

A uniform marble rolls down a symmetric bowl, starting from rest at the top of the left side. The top of each side is a distance h above the bottom of the bowl. The left half of the bowl is rough enough to cause the marble to roll without slipping, but the right half has no friction because it is coated with oil.
My doubt is, once the ball enters to the smooth surface after rolling thro' the rough surface, what happens to the Rotational Kinetic energy?? I mean will it remain the same or it will be zero since there is no torque on the marble....

I think rotational K.E will convert in translational K.E and thus it will start slide over the surface and will move same distance

the rotational kinetic energy shall remain the same....the ball would be spinning with the same angular velocity when it reaches the top of the other end of the bowl....the only difference would be that it would now rise to a lower height than it was released from.

So it means "First the Potential energy is converted into KE and reaches the bottom of the bowl then since there is no torque on the marble it uses the KE to rotate the marble in the smooth surface and hence reaches lower height"...... Is my understanding correct??

no...the potential energy is first converted into translational and rotational kinetic energy as it reaches the bottom...then the translational kinetic energy is converted to potential energy as it goes to the other reaches a lower height as the ball has not given up its rotational kinetic energy..and resumes the spinning

Software contributions from Indians

There are so many free tools available for so many various purposes in the online world. But how many are from Indians? I think though we have a large IT force that provides services to all over the world, mostly atleast in my experience of over a decade, the ideas and concepts are from the west, and we merely do the implementation, at a cheap cost, at usually high quality as well.
Of course this is only a general scenario, there indeed are excellent innovative ideas as well, but what do you say about the ratio of services versus innovation ?
So here I have made a humble beginning - this is a time tracking tool that is free for use, and should help a user to be more productive by being able to analyze how he spent his time over a week. Please have a look, and use the Issue Tracker of the site to post your feedback if any about it (not an obligation).
Anybody software engineers who want to start trying - and needs help - please feel free to contact me I may be able to attempt to support you in whatever modest way I can!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

How Youtube Videos Work? Where are the Videos Stored?

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

The stuff is stored in servers.Now the servers are not those of the very high configuration,they run with ~1gb ram and 200gb hard disk and run on free cheap linux operationg systems.Also there are servers localozed for every location.So a indian computer downloads contents of youtube from a server somewhere in india.Similarly for japan,china,germany, way to find the place where the servers are located is to get its ip address and find it using any software or website.

now: as you have asked - similar to the way the google searches for text as you type it searches for videos and then these are streamed to your computer and the browser that you are using handles the video streaming /reciving and takes the video playing plugin that you have installed and thus the video is played!!