Sunday, April 26, 2009

Only 40% voting in the intellectual pune city!!!

a YOUNG boy of Pune says:
Let me first tell that I am 18, I had filled the voter card and registration form long back and yet not even got my name in the voter list for the elections, i was crestfallen. I am angry at the EC, but that is another issue.

But its a shame that 60% of the people in pune who had voter card or had there there name in the voter registration did not vote, this, in spite of the fact that everyday in radios, papers and other media told people to vote. There were students with placards on the streets reminding people to vote. Mr Raj came on TV everyday and said jaagore. 

I thought that even when I couldn't vote. others surely would.

But they did not...

Another Says:
This is nothing New in Maharashtra.

The more intellectual the People, the least the voting in their Areas.

In the 2007 Municipal Elections in Mumbai, Malabar Hill & Napeansea Road, the most Elite areas of Mumbai recorded a Voting of only 14%.

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