Thursday, April 16, 2009

georgetown hides jesus

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georgetown hides jesus
Arguments on Article CMS:
There are several things that are disturbing here. The first thing that one can see is the denegration of freedom of "religion". THe framers desired freedom of religion, not freedom FROM religion. The second thing that is disturtbing is how he bows to the Islamic state, but covers up the One he claims is his savior. He misquotes Scripture from Matthew 7. The passage refers to building our lives on the Rock of Jesus, not the rock of anything else, especially the government. The last statement that I would like to moake is aloso found in the Scriptures that the president wished to use, and IU think should make him think if he were to read any of this; in Romans 1:16, the apostle Paul states that he is not ashamed of teh Gospel of Jesusd Christ. By the president requiring the symbol to be covered, he and this institution are showing that they are ashamed of Jesus. Yes, I guess I am now a right-wing extremist.

Nick Says:

Let me see if I have this straight, an institution run by the Society of Jesus covered up the name of Jesus because President Obama requested it? Is that correct? When Peter denied Jesus on the day of the Crucifixion, he did so out of personal fear. What are you afraid of Georgetown? What is your weakness? What is your penance? As a Roman Catholic and graduate of a Jesuit University, I am embarassed by the frailty of the administration at Georgetown. They are unfit to run a University dedicated to Jesus. How easily you deny Christ!

Lady Di I'm wondering when, or if, the king speaks at Notre Dame he will make them cover all of the religious symbols. There is a huge statue of Christ there. I wonder if they will have to cover that. If Christ offends the king so much, he needs to stay away from places that honor Him. He is such a hypocrit. Being politically correct must mean more to him than his so called belief in God.

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