Sunday, April 26, 2009

What Is Exotic Matter?

What is exotic matter? What is the proof of its existence?
Why is it thought to be repelled by gravity?

exotic matter is actually hypothetical and is believed to have negative mass , exert a sort of negative gravity i.e. opposite to properties baryonic matter.
and yes it is said to repel gravity.
It is purely hypothetical with no experimental proof yet.

physics has been a bunch of proved as well as hypothetical materials.
If there is STR, there is Aether wave theory!
if there is black hole , there is white hole and wormhole !
if there is quark , there is string !
if there is singularity , there is naked singularity !
if there is Quantum theory, there is string theory !
and the list goes on and on...
does it explain anything..
i think it is used for showing and exploring about negetive gravity and related things.
have a look here

how can any matter be repelled by gravity, exotic or otherwise...after all, all particles must follw the path in spacetime as normal matter, how then will it be repelled?

What wikipedia says:

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