Sunday, April 19, 2009

shape of earth

why earth is round?
it is considered that universe was generated when big bang occured.and all galaxies,our solar system are part of it.if there was a rock or solid substance that would have explode at the time of big bang than how it is possible that all solar parts such as planets,stars,gain round shape?

earth is round
take example of a water drop; it tries to get such a shape so that it has min. surface area. more precisely it gets a round shape bcause of surface tension, force actson every particleof it towards centre. in case of solid bodies there is no surface tension but yet there is gravitation bet. each particle and it is a central force acting towards centre.moreover lesser surface area provides more stability

It is because the solar system wasn't formed in the process we call Big Bang. The solar system was formed roughly 8-9 billion years after the Big Bang (4.6 billion years ago). The planets were formed from small particles that apparently coagulated to form planetesimals and later collided with numerous other particles to form planets.

And as the post above mine suggests, the bodies were formed in such a way that they have minimum surface area, and therefore the planets, starts, etc, or rather all bodies we see (except galaxies, nebulae, etc. which have a different reason regarding their shape) are spherical in shape.

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