Thursday, April 16, 2009

Who Cares for Them

Who Cares for Them
The child playfully rolls
A bended bowl of water 
The liquid trickles through 
Drop by drop…
Not knowing that his mother
Walk miles for this
Unattended and uncared 
I see him…
Crawling on the wet sand
Unaware of the cold
Neither realizing that he is hungry
Oblivious of his safety
He leaves his impression 
Not only on the sand
But the asylum…
Of my mind. 
His innocence…
Forbids him to understand the disparity
Comfortable of having dearth of things
Something he will grow up with
His aspirations…
Perhaps be a cover over his head
His living and dying
Explains modest impact 
On human consciousness.

By shigufta Uzma

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