Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Save the Irrawaddy Dolphins. Photos of irrawaddy dolphin

4 Irrawaddy dolphins were captured in Burma for shows right out of the wild! These animals were not in need of help or sick like many in other places these were perfectly normal dolphins snatched from their homes and taken to perform in shows every 40 minutes which is not enough time in between shows!

Many researchers beleive that the Irrawaddy Dolphin's nearest relative is the Orca but they are still working on it!

I have tried everything to get new members but it's not working and I'm starting to loose hope so please if you ever stop by to read this invite your friends spread the word help out! SAVE THE IRRAWADDY!!

Irrawaddy awareness week starts soon! You don't really have to do anything but it's fun to spread the word and save a life isn't it!

Being vegan can really help save the planet from global warming. Switching to a vegan diet is 50% more effective than switching from a regular car to a hybrid. More than half of the water consumed in America is used to raise animals for food. That water could be used as Irrawaddy habitat. So if you really care about these animals think about becoming a vegan or a vegetarian it's really good for the planet and for your body. For more info go to

Cambodia and Laos consider the Irrawaddy sacred and there for don't eat them but some other Asian countries do.

So we have doubled in members in the last couple weeks but the fight to save these animals is not over thanks for the support though.

Irrawaddy Awareness week has come to an end. If you have any ideas for next year or want to start your own please contact me.

Oasis Sea World in Chanthaburi, Thailand offers a swim with a Irrawaddy Dolphin program. All these dolphins are either rescues or bred from the rescues so it's a nice place. This is a great chance to get upclose to these animals before they are gone.

I want your feed back!! Is all this information useful or just stupid! Please let me know!

EARTH HOUR! On March 29th at 8:00 the World Wildlife Fund is having everyone turn off their lights for one hours to conserve energy. I encourage you to try it; it's only an hour. MARCH 29TH at 8:00

I found out about a porpoise species and a Vaquita. It; like the Irrawaddy is also one of the most endagered animals on earth. It lives in the Sea of Cortez in the Gulf of California. Do to bycatch of these animals the World Wildlife Fund has worked with the Mexican Goverment and by 2009 the bycatch level of these animals should be down to number that should not threaten the population ( only 1 per year ). So if you are interested in these animals let me know and I will keep posting information about them as well as the Irrawaddy information.

WOW! We have more doubled in members in just 3 days. Thanks for all the support.


I am having trouble finding any more information on these amazing animals. If anyone has any cool info that is not on the site please write it on the wall and I will review it. If it's true information I will but it on the site. Peace!!!

Ok so it's April and it's a new month and I don't know how we can top march but let try to keep the invite coming!!!

I hope everyone has a nice earth day!!! Thanks for your support!!

This week end I want everyone who can to change there light bulbs in their house to the energy one to save or planet!!! Please it's for our world which we live in!!

I have added some new pics from the Oasis Sea World Park and one other!!! Check them out please and leave some coments!!!

We haven't gone up in members in a while so please remember if you join invite ALL of your friends!!!!

We have reached the 200 member mark!! im very proud of u all and I hope to keep climbing in members!!

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Save Irrawaddy Dolphins

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