Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vodafone Cricket Commentary Commercial by Zoozoos. Animated Funny Cricket Commentry ad cartoon

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The Video Link For Cricket Commentary ad is here:

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vodafone Magic Box advertisement Featured by zoozoo.

Animated Vodafone Advertisements!
funny vodafone ads featured by zoozoos.
Vodafone Cartoon ad.
Magic Box Commercial.
Vodafone India

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vodafone IPL contest Part2 Advertisement. Funny animated vodafone ad for "Be The Star of the Match" by zoozoos. IPL alerts Commercial

The Superstar Zoozoo will be giving interview to the media. You will laugh and laugh and laugh looking at its expression! its teeth are so brilliant.
There will 2 other traditional cricketers who will be watching this Superstar zoozoos plight! awesome ad you can say!

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Vodafone Stock Alerts Commercial Featured by Zoozoos. Funny Animated ad by vodafone. Cartoon ad.

Vodafone released one more animated ad featured by zoozoos on stock market.
This Ad Gives an overview of the present situation of stock markets.
A Zoozoo reading stock news gets shock and falls from the chair.
This Zoozoo will be sent to hospital. 4 zoozoos carries this white alien.
Now the other spectator zoozoo which was sitting next cuuriously opens the newspaper and reads it and faints! The ad ends with vodafone banner " get stock alerts"

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Vodafone Call Filter ad featured by zoozoos, the white aliens, cartoons. Funny Call Filter ad by Vodafone india

Call Filter ad by Vodafone is very Fantastic in its way!
The story starts like this:
Vodafone Zoozoo couples(our zoozoo gets a new girl friend)in a restaurant conversing..
Zoozoo couples will be having a Nice time in restaurant.(say in a very romantic mood).
To Spoil this mood a waiter zoozoo comes and disturbs the couple zoozoos!
Angry BoyFriend Zoozoo scolds the waiter zoozoo for disturbing their talk.
The BoyFriend Zoozoo will scold in a very different language(very different language)(i did not understand). now the female zoozoo will laugh silently!
again these couples start talking.. this time waiter zoozoo comes again and boyfriend zoozoo hits him! every one silence!!!!
the ad ends withe board "vodafone call filter"! stop unwanted calls!
such a super ad!!
awesome Just Watch it once You Will Love it:

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Here is the video for Vodafone Call filter advertisement:

Vodafone Maps. Find Your Way Advertisement featured by zoozooz. Vodafone maps cartoon ad. Funny Vodafone india ad

Vodafone ad for "Vodafone maps" " find your way"
The theme of this advertisement is Very Cute.
Two Zoozoos will be travelling in a car. the car suddenly speeds up. dashes the Direction board.
Now the Confused Zoozoos Looks where to go!!
So Both zoozoos scold each other.
Finally They gonna fight each other and everything fails.
they talk in a very peculier manner.
I guess its not english.
The ad is absolute timepass, real fun. cute zoos!!
Nopw the Zoozoos are lost!

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Here is the Video:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vodafone Live Games Ad Featured by zoozoo. Funny Animated Zoozoo cartoon ad.

A small Kid Zoozoo innocently plays a see-saw in a playground.
very alone! but still it manages to play the game alone. It changes the see-saw seat alternatively. It really looks funny when the zoozoo kid is so keen to play the see-saw.
Shows the real innocence of Zoozoo!!
Vodafone Live games is a wonderful concept. The Way They deliver the ads to consumers is so special!!

Vodafone Live Games advertisement.
Vodafone Playground ad.
Vodafone small kid playing see-saw ad.
Vodafone cartoon ad for live games.
Vodafone funny commercial featured by zoozoos for " vodafone live games "..
New Vodafone Commercial animated ad for live games.

Vodafone Musical Greetings Ad by Zoozoos.Funny Animated Vodafone ad.

This Animated Vodafone Advertisement starts with a hospital scene.
a zoozoo will be lying on a bed which is very seriously injured. Everthing looks very serious till now. Suddenly, a box rushes into the room, the sleeping zoozoo wonders when it sees one more zoozoo playing music for it!!
Watch Vodafone Animated advertisement.
Vodafone Musical Greetings ad.
Vodafone Musical Alerts ad.
New Funny Vodafone ad featured by zoozoo.
Musical alerts cartoon advertisement.
cartoon vodafone advertisement.

Vodafone Chota Credit Advertisement by Zoozoos. Animated Advertisement by vodafone india.

This Vodafone Video Featured by Zoozoos is a very funny advertisement.
its all about , 2 zoozoos taking bath. one zoozoo gets short of water so the other one shares the shower with him.
Now the zoozoo happily sings in bathroom.
This is a very super cool ad.
vodafone bathroom advertisement.
vodafone chota credit zoozoo advertisement.
vodafone cartoon advertisement chota credit.
Funny New Vodafone India Commercial by zoozoos
Chota Credit Animated zoozoo ad. alien ad, bathroom ad by zoozoo, zozo ad by vodafone.

Only 40% voting in the intellectual pune city!!!

a YOUNG boy of Pune says:
Let me first tell that I am 18, I had filled the voter card and registration form long back and yet not even got my name in the voter list for the elections, i was crestfallen. I am angry at the EC, but that is another issue.

But its a shame that 60% of the people in pune who had voter card or had there there name in the voter registration did not vote, this, in spite of the fact that everyday in radios, papers and other media told people to vote. There were students with placards on the streets reminding people to vote. Mr Raj came on TV everyday and said jaagore. 

I thought that even when I couldn't vote. others surely would.

But they did not...

Another Says:
This is nothing New in Maharashtra.

The more intellectual the People, the least the voting in their Areas.

In the 2007 Municipal Elections in Mumbai, Malabar Hill & Napeansea Road, the most Elite areas of Mumbai recorded a Voting of only 14%.

Printing in ASP.NET

Hi friends,
I need a help with Printing in ASP.NET.
i have a file(doc file/pdf file/jpg file) saved in the DataBase.
i should print that file after clicking a button on a page.
Actually what is need is , on clicking the button, the print dialog box shud open.
Thanx in advance for the help..

well i have Got One Suggestion:
It says:
The simplest way to print a web form is to use client side javascript. To print a web page, you can use code like this:

refer google search enigne for keywords "print in"

Is this Correct?
Any More Other Method?

21 December2012 : Is the threat Real?

World is abuzz with rumors that the universe will end on 21 December 2012 coz the Mayan calender doesn't go beyond that date. Its time to see what ancient Indian cosmologists have to say. 'SURY SIDDHANTA' attributed to ancient scholar Mayy deals with the age of the universe and also its remainder span. It says creation and annihilation are not ONCE ONLY events but repititive episodes. Every episode commences with a 'mahayuga' lasting 4,320000 years. 71 Mahayugas (306,720,000 years) make a 'manvantar'.Each manvantar is followed by a 'sandhya' or cosmic twilight lasting 1,728000 years. 14 manvantars together with their twilights equal 1000 mahayugas (4320000000 years). This is calleda 'kalpa'. Each kalpa is followed by 'Pralaya' (annhilation) lasting, like cosmic twilight, 1728000 years. The difference between cosmic twilight and pralaya is that during twilight the earth is filled with a great deluge. aLL life forms vanish or go into hibernation but all other elements of the universe remain intact during this period. Not so during pralaya when entire existence dissipates and all the elements collapse within, leaving absolutely nothing. Note well, each sandhya and each pralaya is followed by anew burst of life and existence.
According to the Hindu calendar, the current episode of the universe commenced 195908950 years back. A twilight period is due after 188908950 years. Pralaya is due after 155520000000000 years. So 21 Dec 2012 alarm is false. We donthave to worry even about the twilight and annhilation due after a long time as each is sure to be followed by fresh lease of life and existence. 
The universe is dead! Long live the universe!!!

I second your opinion. Our ancestors had found most of the answers that today's age scientist are looking for. Anyways I guess everyone has to complete their research and struggle.

yah our ancestors were one of the greatest people on earth....when you say 'our' ancestors, do you specifically mean indians.....if yes, i disagree, if you mean every ancient civilization, then i duno...........

i think he means indians n if so i agree with him. other civilizations wr also quite intelligent bt as much as the hindus

well i duno, but we indians honestly have a habit of patting our own backs. If the ancient hindus were technologically brilliant, we indians are definitely not their descendants.

they could be a seperate civilization or perhaps even a seperate sub-species, apart from humans. But definitely not our descendants.

Starter Says:
Surya Siddhanta quoted by me is an INDIAN classic. I don't agree with Vibhor that we Indians have the habit of pating ourback. As a matter of fact we have the silly habit of slapping in our own faces and denying our glorious heritage even as others accept and admire it. 
There are some who don't accept any thing Indian as authentic unless certified to be so by some non-Indian source. For their satisfaction lemme clarify that the bookhas a strong AMERICAN connection. The treatise was pulled out of oblivion by Rev. Ebenzer Burgess an American missionary wholived in India (Mumbai and its neighborhood to be precise) from 1839 to 1854. Rev. Burgess was born on 25 June 1905 in Grafton, Vermont US and entered the Andover theological seminary where he also taught Hebrew and Greek before leaving for India. He learnt Sanskrit, translated Surya Siddhanta in English and got the same piblished in the journal of American Oriental Societyin in 1860. Apart from mathematicalmodels for estimating the age of the universe and its remainder span the book also contains planetary ephimiris which were periodically updated by successive Indian astronomers. The last updating was done by a scholar named Laat in 4th century AD. A latest reprint of the book has been taken out by Motilal Benarsidas in collaboration with Kolkata University. Read it and see for yourself the brilliance of the work.
Yes we aren't worthy to be called the descendants of the geniuses oue ancestors were and shall not be so unlesswe give upthe habit of running them down for no rhyme or reason.

i duno if we were brilliant in the past or not, but when i said 'patting our back', i meant that we sometimes give excuse of our brilliant past in order to hide the miserable conditions today.

For example, politicians today will go to say kii --dekh mein gandagii hai to kya hua, humaara itihaaas laakhon mein ek hai---people often do that, especially wile talking to foreignors, since our country today is trashy, people seem to justify it in their minds by saying that our culture is glorious.

I am not talking about you, but normal people who i have seen in the news and in person.

Also, we also seem to think that we are the ONLY country with a culture in the world, we seem to think that the west is immoral and cultureless, this is something that is had to believe in. Again, i am not talkng about you specifically but people in general.

Another thing is, the ages of the universe though whatever you may say, cannot be verified.........meaning, we dont knw the method of how they came to the conclusion ( especially when the ancient indian astronomers , though brilliant, werent aware of planets beyond saturn since they had no telescopes) about the age of the universe. I know they were brilliant , but harsh and nn, sudhir isnt just talking about indian mathematicians and astronomers in the early ADs, hes talking about all the rishis and munis , he also believes in wars fought by manta power and vibrations, about weapons materializing from nowehere , about brahmhastra, and rishis living for millionsof things. 

These kinds of things dont really melt into the time -frame humanity has, like human civilization really developed after 10,000 BC, theice age. After that, in india we had the harrapan culture from 3000-2000 BC, and aryans after that. So how can there be a civilization so brilliant that is citizens could live for millionso f years when only could have survived from 10,000 BC to 3000 BC, just 7000 years.

and frankly, EVERY ancient civilization was good with astronomy. Each of them, the earliest reports of civilization in india yet discovered has been the harrapan civilization, while in many parts of the world, there have been civilizations that had existed much much before that.

I totally agree the harrapans were brilliant, but we are probably not their desecendants since we were probably aryans.

Aryans migrated from central asia to india in around 2500 BC, the RIG vedas and all veedas were written by them.

The vedas consist of specific instances of refferal to them--they call them aryans, they even identify the place where they came from and MOST IMPORTANTLY, the vedas tell us about a ddrink called koma( i thjink that what it was, though cant be sure), it was a intoxicatiing drink, people were supposed to communicate with god upon drinking, but the herb has been idntified and its actually a drug. ITS STILL IN SUE IN AFGHANISTAN AND OTHER REGIONS NEAR CENTRAL ASIA, people still drink that drink theere ( soucre-discovery channel).

Secondly, horse chariots are a feature thats essentially totallycentral asian, the chariots werent seen in any other civilization, only the persians other regions in central asia from where people migrated to other places liek india. 

These chariots, which are commonly seen in mahabharata and other religious books of hindus, ws definitely brought down to india by aryans, so basically there isnt really any 'time' for a brilliant civilization of people who live for millions of years to exist.

if you tell me they were a DIFFERENT civilization of whos clues havent been found, then sorry, ur stories are as vivid as imaginary as those of the lost city of atlantis.

Syarter Says:
Well Captain I don believe in the dooms day prophesy of 21 Dec., 2012. Not because Surya Siddhanta forecasts a longer span for our universe but because the 21 Dec theory is based on the untenable logic that the Mayan calender doesn't go beyond that date and hence that is the end of the world. The universe is certainly scheduled to last much longer even as per contemporary scientific cosmology, let alone the ancient Surya Siddhanta. 
And Vibhor I agree with you that there have been many other civilisations with a rich past in Astronomy. Unlike our generation, the ancients (Indians as well as others) had practised globalisation in the field of knowledge. "Panch Siddhantika" (Critique of five schoolsof thought) written by Varahmihir in 528 AD lists five leading, globally prevalent theories of planetary motion and eclipses in those days. While three of these (Surya, Vasishtha and Pitamah siddhanta) are indegenous the remaining two (Romak and Paulis) are of Roman and Greek origins respectively. Varahmihir's evaluation of their relative merit is candid, honest and free from sectarian bias. He declares the Greek and Roman theories to be more accurate than at least two Indian ones, viz., Pitamah and Vasishtha siddhanta. 
By affirming that India has had a glorious past in the field of Arts, Literature and Science we aren't saying that others didn't have. Like wise to agree that there have been civilisations other than Indian we don't have to necessarily deny similar status to India. In understanding history one doesn't have to go by zero-sum presumptions.
Tht Aryans are not natives of India is a debatable point but unfortunately both sides i.e. those who believe and disbelieve in it are so strongly opinionated that rational discourse simply doesn't become possible. There is need for each side to have an open mind for the other's point of view.

Hindi Film s Box Office Survey

simple logic:

1)Count the total no. of shows of a film by any news paper every week for a area
2)Add the no. of shows each week of the film till the film last
3)At the end of the year calculate the average shows a film last and take the average as 100% success
4)Then convert all the films success into %
5)Give verdict as 50% flop, 100% average, 200% hit, 400% superhit

y is EARTH so EARTHY????

all the other planets or satellites seemed to have lost the zest 4 life ... y has earth held on??y did all other planets give up??wad gr8 activity was dere dat seemed to occur during big bang...?how was water formed only on earth?or y dnt v have two or more suns..?y does mercury have no satellite?..and how did particle 4 d big bang arrive?vr is the GRAND space dat tat our universe is contained in..?

all the other planets or satellites seemed to have lost the zest 4 life ...
r u sure?????????
y has earth held on?? .. what differences would have been if the life was on mars rather than earth..? y did all other planets give up?? No.. planets didn't give up... actually life gave up on other planets.... wad gr8 activity was dere dat seemed to occur during big bang...? Big Bang.. is about 15 billions years old.. while earth is just 4-5 .. so it is bullshit to co-relate them, Great activity... patricle and anti particles started to formed... and .. and .. and... pair production and annihilation and annihilation ... but the quantity of matter slightly exceeded that of anti matter... so we are lucky to discuss here that was water formed only on earth?
Wrong information... even there are some evidences showed that all water of venus has vaporized .. and some ices beneath the surface of mars... or y dnt v have two or more suns..? 
We have a lots of suns in this universe... problem is that.. they can't be too close to each other as you may think.. otherwise there would be serious consequences .... 
y does mercury have no satellite? 
Why all people in this world doesn't have bf/gf?..and how did particle 4 d big bang arrive? .. arrive?.. pair production and annihilation man.... vr is the GRAND space dat tat our universe is contained in..? 
In my pocket...

“Apophis” – striking earth in 2036!

Meteors often enter into the atmosphere of earth. But before coming to the surface they get destroyed. Nobody feels anything different about it. But if someone says, an asteroid is coming towards earth and it is going to strike the earth, then everyone will fall into care. Such an asteroid is proceeding towards earth and it may strike earth in 2036, 27 years from now, scientists have predicted. This asteroid was discovered in 2004 and it is of diameter 390 meters. Many governments have started thinking on how can we save earth from this asteroid. All researchers have suggested that we have to do something as early as possible without wasting time. Though 27 years is long period, but to plan something in prevention from this asteroid and to implement it in reality, this time may prove short.
If anyhow this asteroid strikes the earth, it will create huge amount of energy, lakh times greater than energy created in Hiroshima atom bomb attack! It will DIRECTLY affect thousand square kilometers of land area and the dust it will produce will be so large that entire earth MAY have to suffer it! I have heard that dinosaurs died because of an asteroid which stroked earth and for next 150 years not a single ray of sun felled on the surface of the earth due to dust produced by it! It was spread all over earth. There are many others reasons scientists are predicting but this is one of them. But this attack is not so dangerous!

So prevention have been started to avoid more dangerous things which may happen. This asteroid is called as “Apophis.” Apophis is described as an evil that destroys the earth, in ancient Egyptian stories. Many preparations have been started to stop this asteroid. It will have very close encounters from earth in 2029 and 2036! One very faint possibility is suggested that while passing very close to earth, Apophis may change its path. But its chances are almost negligible. So we cannot rely on this possibility. Happy Intrnational year of ASTRONOMY

Black Holes FAQs

1) Do black holes have internal structure? 
Yes, IMO. By AWT they've a foamy structure, the density of which increases toward center. The foamy structure of dark matter is such structure, as observed from inside. 
2) Do black holes retain any memory (mass/energy/charge/spin/particle type) of the matter they swallow?
Yes, or they couldn't cummulate matter at all. AWT considers black holes as a dense neutrino/quark stars
3) Do stationary black holes emit gravitational waves?
No. But do stationary black holes really exist?
4) Can black holes form quantized bound states?
They could rezonate with their own gravity waves like elementary particles.
5) Can sub-Planck mass micro black holes exist?
No, IMO.
6) What happened to the micro black holes produced in the early universe? Did they evaporate; or are they still around in some form?
Were such black holes created at all? In my opinion the only primordial black holes are sitting at the center of quasars and active gallactic nuclei. 
7) Is there any link between black holes and dark matter?
Yes, by the same way, like between common and dark matter.
8) Is there any link between black holes and dark energy?
Yes, in remote sense. By AWT the observable Universe is formed by interior of collapsar, which collapses in increasing speed - which we can perceive like accelerated Universe expansion.
9) Can black holes have multiple singularities?
Yes, especially those larger ones. If our Universe is formed by interior of black hole, then every black hole inside it is such a daughter singularity.
10) Can Hawking radiation emitted by decaying black holes give rist to Untra High Energy Cosmic Rays?
In my opinion UHECR's are formed during black hole collisions and merging.

Current questions in cutting-edge black hole resea

Friends, thought of throwing up a few current open questions/problems in cutting-edge black hole research and seeing what you all think of them.

Firstly, let me define black holes:

Black holes are predicted by general relativity to be formed whenever sufficient mass is compressed into a small enough volume. A black hole is defined as a region of spacetime that cannot communicate with the external universe. The boundary of this region is called the surface of the black hole, or the
event horizon.

Secondly, let me define the three general categories into which black holes are classified:

1) Stellar-mass black holes: These are formed by the gravitational collpase of stars, post-supernova. They are undetectable unless they orbit another start in a binary system.

2) Supermassive black holes: These are believed to be present at the centers of most galaxies. They typically have masses of the order of millions of times our Sun's mass.

3) Micro black holes: These are physically the most intriguing type of black hole, they are believed to have formed in the very early universe due to quantum fluctuations in the primordial brew.

Some current open questions:

1) Do black holes have internal structure?
2) Do black holes retain any memory (mass/energy/charge/spin/particle type) of the matter they swallow?
3) Do stationary black holes emit gravitational waves?
4) Can black holes form quantized bound states?
5) Can sub-Planck mass micro black holes exist?
6) What happened to the micro black holes produced in the early universe? Did they evaporate; or are they still around in some form?
7) Is there any link between black holes and dark matter?
8) Is there any link between black holes and dark energy?
9) Can black holes have multiple singularities?
10) Can Hawking radiation emitted by decaying black holes give rist to Untra High Energy Cosmic Rays?

Hope this gives some food for thought. Would love to see your ideas/thoughts/comments!

do u think time travel is possible

hey do u think time travel is possible
if yes
then tell me how n theories u support

Imagine that somehow time travel is possible. Now we are travelling in to the past. Today morning I came to know the concept of time dilation. I also met a girl today and fell in love with her. Now once I start travelling into the past, it must mean that my brain also travels into the past. I think it might mean that I must start forgetting. Once I reach yesterday evening I must have no idea that I learnt time dilation or I fell in love with a girl today morning. So, who knows we might be travelling in time. We might have gone to 2020 and come back here again. Is this not possible?

You need to understand that relativity does not tell us that we can move into the past near the speed of light. It simply says that our time will be slower than the time of a person at rest(or moving slower).
Basically this means that if you start your trip at 12 am and fly very close to the speed of light for 1 second, your time will be 12:00 and 1 sec, but a stationary observer will have gone ahead by hours.

I think time travel is not possible becoz Time itself ia s measure and not a dimension.How can you say what is exactly i sec period it is based on nothinn but our ancients or even modern scientist's laws.i say that i sec is the time that is required to travel from say A to B.So there is no physical defination as such for all units.
So to travel back or forward in time is meaningless

Relativity is based on Einstein's famous mass-energy equivalence: E=Mc^2
Relativity tells us that the work done in accelerating a mass (what we call kinetic energy) is reflected by a small increase in the mass of the body, by an amount equal to the energy increase. Consequently, as the mass of the body has increased, more energy needs to be used to further accelerate the body. On integrating, we get the formula:
m = m0/sqrt(1-(v/c)^2)
where 'm0' is the rest mass of the body and 'm' is the mass of the body at the velocity 'v'.

What is your answer?

Does light have acceleration?

If light has mass surely it should have acceleration but currently I am confused>
Can anyone please tell me.

It can decrease its frequency.

NO LIGHT DO NOT HAVE it has constant velocity of 3,00,000m/s...and no object can be accelerated to reach velocity of light as the mass become infinite to account for increasing kinetic energy of the body when body moves at speed of light.

Theoretically possible, but not practical

No. since It hass a constant velocity in a media.

What Is Your Answer?

virtual n pure virtual function..

Tell me what is the use of pure virtual function as it contains no definition or declaration.... n also the diffrence in them


resence of a pure virtual function in a class makes the class abstract.
If a class has, say, N number of pure virtual functions, then the class derived from this (abstract) class needs to define its version of all the pure virtual functions. If it misses out even one function, then that class would also become a abstract class.
A class is made abstract if :
1. It makes no sense in creating an instance of that type.
2. It is required that all classes that inherit that class must give their respective definition(s) of some function(s).
For more info, read a GOOD book.
I suggest C++ Primer and Thinking in C++( By Bruce Eckel).


Pure virtual functions are used to make a class abstract.

Then what is the use of abstract class??
To make interface for a module.

In C,we give a header file contains list of functions(APIs).
Other internal functions we can make static for internal function call.

Similarly in C++,its object oriented programming,we make interfaces while 
doing the class diagram in design.
We make some classes(functions in C) as interface,which is visible to outside user.
Using those class pointer we access actual objects like virtual functions.

Any More Answers?

Portorder and inorder!!!

Given Postorder and Inorder traversals of a Binary tree(not BST),
find the Preorder traversal.

Can any one explain or provide a pseudocode for this question?

Let PO array contains Postorder Traversal.
Let IN array contains Inorder Traversal.
Let PRE be the required array.

1) Take Last number of the of the PO array. This will be the first element of PRE array.
2) Now search this element in IN array and find its position. (Simple Linear Search)
3) Now consider the left part and right part of the searched element in IN array.
4) Now start searching the first element from the number obtained in 1st step in PO array which is first found in left part of the IN array obtained above. This will be the next element of IN array.Do this procedure recursively.
5) Now start searching the first element from the number obtained in 1st step in PO array which is first found in the right part of the IN array obtained in 3rd step. This will be the next element of IN array.Do this procedure recursively.

T.C. O(n^2)

For given traversals;

Preorder : AB
Postorder : BA

A is root node 

so tree will always be

Remember preorder and postorder principles

For Preorder its - Root, Left and Right
For Postorder its - Left, Right and Root

Preorder = root [ left subtree ] [ right subtree ]

Postorder = [ left subtree ] [ right subtree ] root

You take any of let or right part to be empty and you will generate two trees
Let X be a subtree and not a node



now in first one: Pre = A [ X ] [ null ] && Post = [ X ] [ null ] A
Similarly in second one Pre = A [ null ] [ X ] && Post = [ null ] [ X ] A

The TAMIL Cause, Sri Lanka and India:Future

First of all we need to keep our fingers crossed because the upcoming days won’t be easier for anyone.The LTTE is on the verge of death which was crushed totally by Sri Lankan Army a week back.
There is a valid reason that each and every Tamils will be angry at.They should be.But there were no ways left for anyone to deal with a fascist and ruthless power.One tends to think that it was Rajiv Gandhi who made it possible for LTTE in Sri Lanka .But no.IN ‘70s Sri Lanka was well disposed towards Pakistan.So Indira Gandhi had a clear cut policy for Sri Lanka.
1)To make the Government of Sri Lanka responsive to the security concerns of India.
2)To give the Sri Lankan Tamils a strong voice and capability to find a negotiated political solution to their problems without the GOI unduly getting involved in the process of finding a political solution.
But later Rajiv Gandhi failed to give it a shape and met with confusion and disaster at last.And LTTE was independent which led to this today.Policy making which was at fault not the cause which India still carries and after this SL war on LTTE,every Tamil who are now crying out against GOI will see by themselves what Indian professionals will do.Long live the Tamil cause.
26 years with the organization Prabhakaran slowly moved away from rational movement to a fascist movement.Apart from killing thousands of innocent Sri Lankan citizens and Tamils too with IEDs & also killing of many SL leaders,they assassinated Rajiv Gandhi in may 1991.A person who did the most for the Tamil cause ? Yes for some reasons his policy was at fault ,but if till yesterday LTTE existed that’s mostly because of Indira Gandhi and Rajib Gandhi.Even if LTTE isn’t their actual brainchild,they have done most for ‘em.This irrational side of LTTE and mass killing over the years including the Prime Minister of one country made it happen what has happened throughout last couple of months.

LTTE took support & money from ISI,they took the training from Hezbollah,the PLO of yasar Arafat,and also Pakistan’s Harkat-ul Mujahideen.Indian professionals were convinced couple of months back that there were immediate threats on the life’s of Sonia Gandhi and Pranab Mukherjee.What for ?We don’t take charge ? Obviously,we will take charge will make someone take charge against this force.War is war,people will die,you need to accept this fact in this world. shocking use of the Tamil civilians in order to delay the final end of the counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism campaign undertaken by the SL army now proves the point.

We provided with them Intelligence inputs,we sent our ARC planes for surveillance.We helped them in whatever manner we were able to.But that doesn’t mean it is the end of Tamil cause.India will provide them another Tamil leader to fight in a good manner and India will push hard this time to GSL.You will see very soon GSL will officially announce about their bilateral relations with India,how HIGH it is.We are at pick now with ‘em,so it is the highest chance for us to tell them what to do next.India Is almost in its way to become superpower we need to dominate the entire region.So the policy we are upto now with Sri Lanka and Tamils are the best one,and hopefully will get positive results. Indian professionals need to understand one thing, it is in India’s interest that the LTTE as a terrorist organization is destroyed once and for all, but it is not in India’s interest that the Sri Lankan Government and Armed Forces proceed from the destruction of the LTTE to the destruction of the Tamil aspirations for greater political and economic rights.

Kudos to Sri Lankan Army but Long live Tamil cause.

who should unite 80% indians? how??

.... 77% of the population is living on less than Rs. 20/day 10% own 52% of nation's wealth and bottom 10% less than 0.2% of total assets.
.....Global Hunger Index is 94th out of 118 countries [ even Pakistan at 88th]
..... Ginni Index 0.92 and 0.99 in terms of ownership of machinery, transport and bank deposits, probably highest anywhere in the world [1.0 means total inequality]
..... 70% children are anemic and are affected by Protein energy malnutrition
Why these indians join hands to overthrow the parasitic yoke of exploitation and oppression?
Who will unite them?

Bloodbath in Gaza

The fact is Israel has no choice, its surrounded by countries which have sworn to decimate it, so what else can it do, bend its back over and beg to be fucked?

And actually the Arabs have been harmed more by their fellow Arabs than the Israelis.

Its the Hamas, and the assorted jihadi groups, that use kids as human shields, so that they gain sympathy from the assorted bunch of bleeding heart liberals in the West. 

And what about the so called Arab friends of Palestine. Jordan wants to annex Palestine, in its quest for Trans Jordan. Lebanon is in middle of a civil war.

In Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Palestinian refugees are treated like scum, so much for the Arab brotherhood funda.

High time the Arabs take a good look in the mirror, instead of indulging in sympathy mongering.

Does mass increase with velocity ?

Q: Does Mass increase with velocity ?
A: In short NO, mass (also sometimes known as rest mass) is the same in all frames of reference! 
Q: What, then is relativistic mass ?
A: Relativistic mass simply refers to the energy and momentum of a system. If a body has relativistic mass, then it is the same as saying that it has energy and momentum but it doesn't necessarily mean that the body has mass
Relativistic mass was introduced at first to explain the fact that inertia and gravitational effects of a body increased at high velocities, hence it was (mis)understood that mass increases with velocity. But later, it was realized that relativistic mass is a needless concept. It was energy and momentum of a body that gravitate and exhibit inertia and not the "mass" of the body.
Relativistic mass is not mass at all! Even though we have the word mass attached. This is what creates the confusion.

Pakistani nukes in danger, US issues warning

US speculations now took a formal statement that Pakistani nukes can fall in Taliban hands.
US issued warning to Pak ot stop Taliban or US will.

who is at benefit and who is at loss?

Terrorism and terrorist attacks and all the fascist nationalist groups and also all types of riots under the guise of religion/region/language... who they are serving and who is at the loss... let us have a some wide discussion.

According to me, terrorists or fascists of any brand or shade or nationality or religion or region never harm eachother rather they mutually strengthen eachother.. they provide life and blood to eachother. They are just like a pet dog in the hands of oppressors of masses like big capitalists, political parties, religious priests[i do not differentiate them] and whenever they need in situations of crisis, elections, widespread unemployment, hunger, poverty, fear of masses and to divide them, to divert and corrupt the brains of educated so that they do not think about the society, the pet dog is some what given free hand... as now a days the above mentioned situations are almost continuous, so the pet dog has left as stray dog and no one will bother to put a chain to this dog as this is the only life-saver for the oppressors... the dog will continue to bite and divide the oppressed masses....

these activities work on many fronts like they polarize the masses and and give the political parties & and govt. a chance to inject a vial of morphine of petty-patriotism, regionalism, religious faith to the middle class and vast majority [77% of India] living on less 20 Rs/day, 10 crore child labourers, crores of unemployed to make them forget their real problems... also it in return provide big recruitment force for fascists/terrorists to serve their bosses even better.

One Reply:
it is in the best interest of the powerful nations or of the most influential people of a country to have their people busy with infighting and terror rather than having them well educated and aware of their rights.

I am sure that all the powerful nations of the world will be more worried if all the political turmoil that maintains the polarities within the Indian subcontinent countries starts to improve rather than with the growing terrorism and instability in the region.

Presently only thing that holds the development of the Indian subcontinent region is the political instability. This has also been acknowledged in various reports on economic growth in India.

the ideal situation safeguarding the influential position of the present powers would be to have terrorism in this region but not to grow to an extent that it backfires on them.


Hi all..How can we measure the mass of a photon??

Is it possible to isolate a photon and put it in a closed box??

Photon has no rest mass. 
Although it's inertial or gravitational mass can be measured in this way - 

1. Take an empty box and apply a force on it, measure its acceleration. Obtain the mass of the box by diving the force applied by acceleration produced.

2. Take a single photon in the box now. Apply a force and measure its acceleration. Obtain the mass of the setup by dividing the force by acceleration.

3. Subtract the first mass from the second to get the inertial mass of a photon.

Although it is seemingly simple, it should be noted that no instrument can measure the inertial mass of a photon since it'll be very very small. And no instrument has such high accuracy.

Is it possible to isolate a photon and put it in a closed box??

Yes, we can have an isolated photon. All you need to have is an excited atom. It will then emit a single photon.

And I remember reading somewhere that this has actually been done! 
It was done with excited potassium atoms ... but the experiment was different. It was done to challenge the wave-particle duality. 

Anyway, just goes to show that we CAN, even in actual practice have individual photons.

How will u measure the force appllied and acceleration produced??

You don't need to measure force. Apply a known force.

And measure the velocities to find out the acceleration


What Is Exotic Matter?

What is exotic matter? What is the proof of its existence?
Why is it thought to be repelled by gravity?

exotic matter is actually hypothetical and is believed to have negative mass , exert a sort of negative gravity i.e. opposite to properties baryonic matter.
and yes it is said to repel gravity.
It is purely hypothetical with no experimental proof yet.

physics has been a bunch of proved as well as hypothetical materials.
If there is STR, there is Aether wave theory!
if there is black hole , there is white hole and wormhole !
if there is quark , there is string !
if there is singularity , there is naked singularity !
if there is Quantum theory, there is string theory !
and the list goes on and on...
does it explain anything..
i think it is used for showing and exploring about negetive gravity and related things.
have a look here

how can any matter be repelled by gravity, exotic or otherwise...after all, all particles must follw the path in spacetime as normal matter, how then will it be repelled?

What wikipedia says:

how does they create zero gravity situation on earth??

what is felt do to gravity on earth
ans: acceleration towards earth
so if you create acceleration away from earth
by motion.then its over

When you are under free fall, you don't feel the effect of gravity.

i thnk effect of gravity on freely falling bodies is not zero becoz they possess acceleretion due to gravity which is due to effect of gravity..............if my assumption is wrong plz....tell me

David F Anderson in his book of flights did mention this point, flight escapes the effect of gravity due to the orientation or the trajectory it follows at each interval of its take off..

at certain point of its trajectory centrifugal force acts against the force of gravity directed towards the center of earth and the situation of "weightlessness" occur

during a situation of weightlessness, body cannot feel its weight which it does on surface of earth which is referred as "apparent weight" which is normal reaction from surface of the earth. Due to this, free fall is loosely referred as a zero gravity situation

Anymore answers??

The most appropriate punishment for Kasab

Ajmal Amir Kasab who has committed the most ghastly crime possible...Killing scores at CST and attacking the Indian democracy and economy....According to you what should be the most appropriate punishment for Him...The Punishment I suggest is as follows:

1. His Punishment should be Taliban Style (The ideology he believes in)
2. He should not be given death
3. One of his leg and one of his arms should be chopped off
4. His eyesight should be taken and his vocal cords should be cut
5. Finally he should be castrated and made to listen to laurels of India on tape, Bhajans, Sermons praising Hinduism and Christianity, lectures against Jehad etc all day long, every day of the week, every week of the month and every month of the year

Pls suggest if you have other brilliant ideas...

Q: how to send SMS through the .Net Application?

Anybody know, how to send SMS through the .Net Application??

I think we can use GSM encoding even in web applications. As far as I know this seems to be the only we can do it using C# unless until we are ready to use the availiable Web Services which provides SMS Gateways. Using them will not be a good idea as this brings in security risk, dependency etc.

I also have never got a chance to work on this. Lets start working on it. What say?

will dot net have future???

will dot net have future???
Hi, do anyone have the idea of what would be the future of dot net professionals as the quantity of dot net openings are becoming scarce but the quantity of people in dot net is large(courtsey: interviews).. will the people who rely on dot net will have a future????

One Response:

Yes. I work for a reputed MNC. And in life what ever be the situation never done a single project in CS that don't interest me. What ever be the company, who ever be the manager or what ever be the market or what ever technology is running in the market.
Everything is good, only at the first place you have interest in it and keep on updating your self in your interest area. Currenty, I'm Senior Associate Platform (Core.NET), and live, eat, sleep .NET only...and believe me it will sustain my life till 60 - 70 years. But if you have to keep updating your self. Like I had enhanced my skills in .NET 3.5, OOPs, Algorithms, Data Structures, Design Patterns, NUnit, Extreme Programming, WPF (PRISM), all are dishes of .NET only. So, before getting a fear factor of .NET give your dedication to .NET field, and then see what .NET can do for you!!!
Cheers !

What is Your Response?

should indians support tamil tigers in lanka??

How Does a Tamilian Will Reply When a Question "should indians support tamil tigers in lanka??" is asked

Tamilaian Says:
Hi guys I am a Tamilian ,
I love bAngalore more than chennai
and i love the language tamil and kannada equally

"They dont identify themselves as Indians, they identify themselves as Tamilians first "

this statement is very Offensive , May be chennai is not t best place to live
and few Tamil politicians have blocked other languages like Hindi in our state

I knw lotta tamilians who identify themselfs as Humans

Most of t tamilians worship Rajinikanth who is a Kannadiga

Most of t Tamilians have voted for Ms.Jayalalitha twice who is a kannadiga

Even MGR is a Malayali

we tamilians may be ignorant of languages coz of bloody politicians

and in LTTE issue i neither support LTTE nor srilankan goverment .., i dnt want any of t humans out ther to suffer and lose their life ..just for LINGO !!!! i give it straight

Another Says:
just stop comparing KRV with LTTE and ppl like karuna or mns!
kannadigas dont go to other states and start ruling over the original inhabitants of the place like u ppl do!so for the protection of our lang we r entitled to protest n if KRV does it it's no problem...
we have every right to shut the asses of ppl who speak ill of our lang in our land!forget the other states we ie our lang is treated badly in our state!so theres nothin bad in protesting!not like what the dmk n aiadmk or tamil sanghams here do!they protest for the sake of lankan tamils disruptin our traffic/lives!
and how would u a chennaite n a tamilian understand all this?
ur lang is supreme in ur state n ppl irrespective of whether they r kannadigas,telugiuites,northies respect it!its not the same here!so better keep away kannada n karntaaka sentiments whe u talk abt ltte/vaiko/karuna ...

have aliens really visited earth?

is it true that aliens have visited earth.?
Is any proof available?
where is probably the home of aliens?
Do aliens really have spaceships like those which we see in movies?

practicaly it is is just our imazination but but acc. to a sciencetist who is member of us navy centre area 51 told that aliens visted earth and have contect with us scientist....i donn't know the name of that man but it might be happend as now it is 21st century.........

black hole doubts

if matter or energy can neither be created nor destroyed ,what changes is happening in blackhole.?

Answer Till Now:
Simply put , a black hole is region of super dense matter. The mass density is high enough that the gravitational field intensity increases almost exponentially as the centre of the black hole is approached.
A black hole can be viewed as a compressor as all mass/energy that is captured by its gravitational field remains there. Initially it was thought that Black holes would be everlasting objects as they just swallow anything that comes close to them and hence will keep on growing. Dr. Hawkings however has changed this perception and we now understand that even Black Holes decay via emission of what is called the Hawking radiation. This rate of radiation is very slow but eventually, even a back hole will radiate away.
Thus mass/energy is always preserved even in a Black Hole.

is there something called white hole?

My Questions for Congress Supporters. Check it out

Here are few questions and i would like to hear 'em answers from Congress Supporters :-

1)we always talk about post godhra but have ever any one questioned about why godhra happened....and we blame modi govt for riots
as quoted by govt of india
"Godhra Incident was an Accident.
Gujarat Riots were Pre Planned."

2)indian govt.(cong) is very much conserned about bangladeshi muslims who are coming across border and setteling them(by giving nationality) and is talking about justice but what about kashmiri pandits who are being treated as refugee in there own homeland and country

3) 6 to 10 people were killed in malegon blast and govt is more interested to investigate about it and give them justice rather than investigating about more than 1000 people who were killed in blast before and after that.

4) uniform civil code if brought we will back off as quoted by cong allies (paswan and lalu and sp) do muslim women dont have rites

5) people talk about babri masjid demolishn what about 2000 temples which are closed recently in andhra pradesh and hundreds demolished in j&k and U.P. are nothing..........

6) varun gandhi spoke was hatred speech and what about d srinivas cong president andhra pradesh who said the same thing only word changed was musliman but no investigation against him

7) Reservations for Muslims. nothing for Hindus.

8)Crores of Rupees Subsidies for Haj Pilgrimage.
Nothing for Amarnath Pilrimage, not even Land for Infrastructure.

9)Alla is God.
Prince Rama is Fictional Character.

10)Abdul Nasseer Madani and Imam Bukhari are Secular.
Varun Gandhi and Narendra Modi are Communal.
11)To support Sri Lankan Tamil Hindus is Terrorism.
To support Pakistani, Afgani, Iraqi, Philistini Muslims is Secularism.
12)To Ask in which College of Engineering, Rama studied to construct Rama Sethu is Patriotism.
No One to Ask in which College of Law, Mohamed studied to write the P.O.S inhuman Shariyat is Secularism.
13) congress always followed divide and rule policy divide hindus in to upper and lower cast but who is benifiting from this a son of an IAS DOC. ENGG and lawers who are studing in the same college and acadmy for compititive exams in which upper caste are studing only sin these children have done is that they are hindus

Chess Board on Probability, AMAZON telephonic.

Three 1x1 squares are taken on a 8x8 chess board.

1. What is the probablity, that all three squares are diagonal to each other ?

2.What is the probability, that all three squares are diagonal to each other and lie adjacent.

what are the answers????




think the answer of first Q is = 392/64_C_3


any 3 square in the same diagonal if the squares selected from the diagonal of the chess board....

1st and 2nd diagonal rejected becoz in this there are less than 3 box.

there are Total 15 diagonal so due to 1st and 2nd 4 diagonals(consider both side) has been rejected ..

so remaining diagonals are 3c3 , 4c3 , 5c3 , 6c3 , 7c3 , 8c3 --all are repeated except 8c3.

all r again repeted from other SIDE ......(consider from UPPER RIGHT corner and UPPER LEFT corner)

so finally ---> 2*( 2*(3c3 + 4c3 + 5c3 + 6c3 + 7c3) + 8c3) == 392


==> 2*( 2*( 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +5) + 6 ) == 72

so answer is 72/64c3
First consider left to right
One large diagonal: 8c3
The rest are repeated above n below the diagonal i.e 7c3 + 6c3 + 5c3 + 4c3 + 3c3
Total number of squares that lie on (left to right) diagonals is

(7c3 + 6c3 + 5c3 + 4c3 + 3c3)*2 + 8c3

But we need to consider the right to left diagonals as well... and due to symmetry we can simple multiply the above term with 2

Thus total such squares (sharing a diagonal)= 2*((7c3 + 6c3 + 5c3 + 4c3 + 3c3)*2 + 8c3)

Thus the probability is 392/64c3

anymore answers??

Multi threading in c/c++

Although the feature of multi threading is not supported in c/c++ but I have to implement it in c++ for project
It could b done using some system files but still I dont know how to do it....
could u help me..............

suppose you could take thread building blocks (google!) and call it your own, but somebody wouldn't believe ya

Multithreading is supported by OS not by C++ compiler. So if ur OS supports Multi Threading u can do it. I believe these days all OS supports Multithreading, So I dont see any problem why u cant use it.

look for boost threads or pthreads.

as u said ,if am not wrong UNIX developed in C and supports multithreading.

use pthread.h header file.

Though its right no compiler comes with threading support but then no language comes with printing on console support.

So every ;language would provide a set of libraries or whatever they think is reqd. to make a programmer's life easier. but if something is not available in library you have two choices, write your own functions or use a third party library or hope that your platform has some system library for it.

Since C is ancient when compared to languages like C++ or JAVA, they didn't think something like threads is reqd. in the library. I dont even know if threads existed when K&R created C.

But JAVA provides threads and they call that "library" JAVA threads

For C, there is an open source library called pthread, which is POSIX compliant, free, open source and of course platform independent due to POSIX.

For a C++ programmar, I dont know if there is any thread library written in OOP and widely accepted, all you can do is use pthread C library as C++ is almost backward compatible with C.

What i understand is that people who work on Standardizing C++ have proposed to come up with a C++ thread library in STL by 2009 or 2010.

i hope there must be something used by core C++ programmers for threading or i have no idea if a C++ version for pthread is available.

Try google and see what it throws to you.

u can also try fork() function which creates
multiple simultaneous process threads as per
requirement. but this function depends on OS
so your machine's OS must be supportive.

There are lots of libraries in C++ that are supporting it, and may be later on STL supports it too, but I can't understand being a C++ programmers u need to think or wait for the libraries to make ur life easy, if u wanna easy life go for Java or .NET. Understand concepts of OS and the APIs. Threading is one of the key features of designing ur project. As u r C++ programmer u got the flexibility in making ur own threading model suiting ur project. Threading is totally different in Windows and Unix (so undersand it). So appreciate the language which will make ur life easy when u r going to be Software Architect.

C++ goes with the theme -- Not to re-invent the wheels.

But your point is certainly not in-correct. Basically the decision is of the designer.

Digressing to JAVA/.net can not be easy because, the flexibilty of JAVA and .net comeswith the compromise of JVM/.net framework.

So the decision is certainly with the designer.

What goes in the library in any language is a set of feature everyone deems necessary and generic.

And does one need to wait or not entirely depends on when is the change coming.

@Zaman, i didnt use the word ancient in regular sense,

may be i should have said "created earlier"

the point is with the availability of wonderful third party open source libraries, C does not need to extend its standard libraries. from threading to GUI everything is available.

My knowledge of C++ libraries is certainly limited. But in general it is true that C++ yet does not have the equally rich set. The very reason they need to extend STL and they have to fight JAVA.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

India will shatter into pieces by the terrorism fueled by the state fascism

India a developd country by 2020?????
Don't day dream - India will shatter into pieces by the terrorism feuled by the state fascism.

Also I am from Finance world. Upto 2000 the world was looking India and China to be the superpowers in 2020. But along the way 2000-2009 the finance community of the world has left india and economy and hopes of it. It full focus now is china and only china. If you read international magazines and understand that india is out of race long back. China is unbeleivably doing well in education, poverty eradication, infrastucture, heath in a very planned and metriculous manner with defined and set targets. The entire finance and economic community of the world truly beleive the china be a economic and political superpower of the world. We useless fellows have raided the 9 years in BPO waves and lost all opportunities and visions.

Why do you think India is still corrupt

Why do you think India is still corrupt? Is it the politicians? Is it the beurocrats? Is it the competition in this country for daily bread?
I say it is dishonesty.
In some developed countries there is some thing so called “free medical care for all”. No, don’t call me crazy yet, it is true. All u have to do is step inside the hospital; they will make u alright and even pay you to get to your home. Sound really out of the earth for our country doesn’t it? I always wondered why we could not have it? It would be like heaven. Wait, heaven is a long way from India. Ask me “why”.
Suppose u get free medical care in India, for every silly reason Indians would use that facility. If medicines where free we would buy as much as we want and stock at home to save the trouble of going to the medical store every time. If we were give unlimited medical leave we would forge a medically unfit certificate and would take holyday for all but one day in a month, to get salary. We Indians have learned to be dishonest for generations. And I really don’t know how to wipe clean this stinking behavior of Indians.
Why is bribing there? Suppose we have to build a home and we need to get the approval. If we have to wait for a few months for the actual processing of our request, what would we do? We bribe the officer to get it done faster. If the current plan of our house will result in more tax we bribe the official to get the tax cut. Now tell me who and what is the problem with India.
Politics is the most dirty place in India now. To be king in politics even killing of people taking wrong decision are deliberately taken. Only to fill their pockets with currency. The funny thing is that every Indian bare with this. Do you know why? Because being with a political party means u get protection, u get more benefits and fast response for things. If my party leader kills some one, I am ready to justify that by saying “to survive in politics they have to do it”.

Trust me I have heard the same guy bad mouthing the very party when some drunk party workers blasted him for making a block for their rally because an accident happened and he was the victim and standing near to his ravaged car. So when they target you they are bad, when they target others then it is for their survival. Don’t you, the common men of India, feel ashamed to be like this? Justifying every dirty thing your party does because you are in that party and bad mouth other party even if they are doing some thing good?

People with millions, if not billions of rupees as black or white money killing people for their survival? Don’t you think it is, at least, a wrong way of thinking? If you call that survival then what do u call some one with no money to eat one meal a day eating grass from other person’s compound? This is really happening in India guys, I am not cracking jokes at the moment. May people work for private firms, big ones, some of them billion dollar ones. Where do you think they get all these money from? Do you think for them to grow there is a constant increase in the amount of currency that is flowing? The accumulation of wealth in a few accounts or hands means that the same amount of money is being taken away from others hands or pockets. How much ever the billionaires grow that much poorer the poor ones will become.
The ones who are supposed to get all these truths out is the media. Wait, what media are we talking about? Dishonesty is the mantra there also. Some issue happened, lets put it as an electric failure for some time in a large area.
Media reporting.
Question to the opposition leader : sir don’t you thing this is a failure of the current gournment?
The opposition leader starts with “when our party was ruling…….. it the incompetency of the government and their party and the minister…..”
To old minister : sir how do u see this incident.
Old minister starts with : “in 1981, you should remember that the hardware was installed at the time of the other parties reign.

Help me on pow Domain Error

Hi Friends
I am Trying to plot the polar plot of nyquist path in c
But at pow function it shows domain error
can any tell how to over come from it at run time
i mean what is the error handling code
please help me if any one know about it.

If base is negative and exponent is not an integral value, or if base is zero and exponent is negative, a domain error occurs.

Again Question:
I have already cheked for that and valuues of varriable i.e. base & exp not like that but it shows the error .is any other way to handel this at run time.

Any One Who Knows The answer Please comment here

neither mass nor energy?

Whether there exists a possibility that matter can be converted to something (or some state )other than energy?

Everything (whether massless or not) has energy.
So even that state (whatever it maybe) has to have energy.

to my understanding , it is not possible..
it will not only violate law of energy conservation, but, also momentum conservation.

For that we need that 'some other thing 'to whoch w can convert that matter.At present all Forces,and everything can be expressed as funct of Energy.
If someone considers that gravity is not a form of Energy(as we define it) and terms a separate idea for it,then i think matter can be linked to gravity,so it all depends on what you call Energy!

Consciousness exists.We still don't the connection of consciousness with energy and matter.Of course consciousness will not exist without energy and matter.

AVL tree Explanation

hey i m here to tell my difficulty in AVL tree regarding abt Left of right rotatin and right of left rotation...

wht is difficult for me to indentify tree which has to be solved by using Left of right or Right of left rotation..?

When you insert or delete a node, you first have to determine which is the node where imbalance first occurs |left subtree height - right subtree height| > 1. Then to preserve the inorder invariance (to preserve the "order" in the tree) you may have to perform a single rotation or a double rotation of the tree, to rebalance it.
This is best explained by looking at different cases as examples. Any good book on data structures is useful - I found Goodrich and Tamassia to be good.
The following tutorial is also useful.
Also checkout the Wiki page.

Can we slow down light?

Is this possible? Will there be any interesting time-related incidents that this can produce?
Ofcourse light does slow down, on its own. Light is an electromagnetic wave, that propagates wit varying electric and magnatic fields.

The speed of light in a medium depands on:

1. Permeability of the medium

2. Permitivity of the medium.

All other media have these values higher that those in space. This means, light has the maximum speed in space. And, in say water or glass, it slows down on its own

For a Photon which evidently moves with the speed of light, consider this---

Time stands still for it.

That is, for a photon it's formation and ultimate absorption is instantaneous, since it is traveling at the speed of light.

Distance has no meaning for it.

Whatever distance a photon may travel according to other frame , but in it's own frame it does not travel any distance at all, as all the distances are compressed to lesser than a point for the photon's point of view.

May we say that for a photon it does not exist as it exists for no time and it travels no distance. Or in other way- time does have no meaning or may we say that it does not exist for a PHOTON.

So a photon cannot be made to travel slower than the speed of light in vacuum as that will mean the existence of time and distance for it.

The light (photons) have been stopped at its tracks in real time without in any way affecting the time.

Slowing Light s easy. Just pass it through something denser than vacuum ( water for example). Relativity states that no particle can travel at or more than the speed of light but this limitation only holds in VACUUM . In dense media, like water, light slows down and hence it is possible for a particle to travel through water (for e.g.) at a speed speed faster than light. And if this particle is charged then it emits light radiation otherwise known as Cherenkov Radiation . This is a well known phenomena.

why pipes are cylindrical ?

this is jst a simple one... pipes are mostly cylindrical in shape... why cant they be in square or triangle in shape.. i know cylindrical shapes hold pressure more than that of any edge shape things... are there any other reasons... are there reasons concerned with flow??

equation of continuity holds good in cylindrical pipes and moreover they occupy less space when compared to square or rectangular shaped ones

another reason : They fit in other shape like square .

Plz read some book before typing in here!!

Equation of continuity holds true for the following case:
Irrotational, stream-line flow of an incompressible and non-viscous fluid

here shape and size of da vessel doesnt matter!

@ thread starter
Plz go through the topic of PRESSURE VESSELS ,regarding STRNGTH of MATERIALs , in books written in Johnston & Bearson...u will get ur answer!
no offense, check out your understanding for the sentence you typed

stream-line flow of an incompressible and non-viscous fluid
When water is flowing through the pipe, there is an internal pressure. With a circular shape, the pressure force is evenly distributed around the entire circumference of the pipe. With squares, triangles, or any other shape with sharp corners, the pressure forces concentrate at these locations. Therefore, the edges or corners would have to be reinforced, adding weight to the pipe and increasing the complexity of manufacturing.

Shape and size doesnt matter for the equation of continuity to hold true..!!

but as far as the question goes....shape does matter for the uniform distribution of force..!!..and bridge a suitable relation between lateral and logitudinal strain.

Since a basic objective for an engineer wud b to check out , the stability of the material.

area to circumference ratio is the right answer.
not only this, the liquid flow rate can be measured easily.
it has something to do with bending moment also. cylindrical pipes can be bend easily in a curved path as compared to any other shape.

Cylindrical shapes hold more internal pressure than that of edged objects, where it concentrates.... i agree with that, but do the rate of flow vary??

I am saying, in case of cylindrical pipes, it becomes easier to measure flow rate..
The spinner is placed in the center. the velocity gradient is parabolic and velocity of fluid is maximum at center. it can be calibrated with spinner RPM verses flow rate.

... given a N sided polygon ( perimeter is fixed ) .. to maximise the area it shd be regular polygon ..
now of all regular polygons of given perimeter CIRCLE HAS THE LARGEST AREA...
now stretch all regular 2-d polygons to get infinite or finite pipes ... now using above results or othws we can prove dat OF ALL SUCH PIPES WITH GIVEN LATERAL SURFACE AREA CYLINDER HAS THE MAXIMUM VOLUME ... now it means dat if v r provided with given area of sheet to maximize the volume of water flow per unit time we will convert it into a cylinder

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