Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mission China.

Well as Indian economy booming (not doing so bad in this time of recession also) and as equal GDP growth rate as China, India has become a thorn in the flesh of China. Indian army is second best to China in Asia and catching up with their counterparts. Already a leader in service indusrty and a huge human resource base India even can be a hub for manufacturing. How do we close the gap with China? Can we beat them in next 25 years? And how do we do that?
What is missing with India to match up with China???
Can we become the superpower of Asia first in terms of all departments?
Answer: passion for the work
U mean ready to take up the jobs comes at you and take the challenge??
The largest no of chain smokers are in China and still they are the healthiest in the world ! 
Our defense budget is $28b, while they have a $60B budget !
Army size, navy size etc ! We have 500 fighter jets and 71 active troops well below them !

No I mean to say, most of Indians don't like their present job, specially the govt. workers, and thatz why we see corruption there, and laziness, if the concern person will be passionate for his job, then he'l do that as early as possible, but certainly in india w/o ghoos (bribe) u can't do anything.
Yes we can surpass china in the next ill say 15 years if and only iff we stop corruption

one more interesting fact is china got independence after india i.e 1949 and believe me or not but their economy was more outhroned than ours

ome years ago they did not have all these. They lost badly to japan...... But they got it now.
egg jack lee ! they have learnt from their mistakes, united and progressive while we are still to come out of our communal politics ! Army needs to be redifned ! We are only ahead in matters of active troops, and a flight carrier Virat in equation to US ! and we are third in this regard now ! earlier 2nd !

India has the power and all it needs more enthusiasm and a change in its attitude. Our Army and Air Force is better than the Chinese Army and AF (Nukes not considered).

India can surpass China because our banking system is stronger, securities market is better and we are a democracy.

Also, India maintains cordial relationship with almost all the major countries so India will be better off than China in the near future. 

Last Point, US still helps Pakistan with Billion dollar aid. USSR still likes N Korea and China than US.

The following features that existing now in India will removed first:

1) Corruption
2) Giving more emphasis in Advertisement of products
3) India hv most richest and Most poorest people in d world (economy needs stable)
4) Pouring all Money in Cricket
5) Political Crisis
6) Religional Riots
7) Divide between we Indians... Like (WE Marathi, We Bengali, We Punjabi... etc etc)

One Response:
Bosss right now I am living in china...have been here for 3 yrs now...the basic difference is that these ppl are communist....and its the governament's decision once for all and no one can change it...

no person owns any land here...they are given by the gov for lease...

thats y if the want to to construct a new road or a flyover or change the entire plan of a city no individual can oppose it...where as the situation is completely different in my hometown vijayawada gov took 8yrs to construct a flyover due to opposotion from local parties...

the population in china is almost the as in India...stil the gov has more control on thier ppl..which is not posible in democracy

is it a sort of joke ?

bitter truth is that indian can vener match up to china. Their leaders have the will power to taek the country forward. Rather than settling scores among themselves, they forcus their energies in settling scores with their rivals like India.

We Indians just live in our dreamland. Do v hav guts to stand against chaina ?

frank answer is no.......

Who has contributed most to rise of chinese........


Here are few examples:-

1) ist country to recognize communist govt.
2) Agreed to Chinese claim on tibet.
3) Instead of becoming a part of American alliances to contain communist non-democratic powers like china and Russia, we eloped and our leaders try to fool our countrymen in name of NAM and independent foreign policy.
4) We did not 
prepare for chinese invasion though it was clear since 1959, wwhat was goin to hit us.
5) We supported Chinese claim to a permanent seat in UNSC.
6) We gave chance to China in early 80s when we refuse to open our markets for Japanese investment and that all went to China.
7) China has snubbed an humilated India in every sphere since 2004 and still our leaders try nto appease them and kneel before them.

Only silever lining came in 2003, when china accepted Sikkim as part of India and India was megotiating with China like an equal.

Moreover, we have let agent of China i.e. Indian communists dictate our foreign policy for last 60 yrs expect 6 yrs of ABV's rule.............

And still, we are thinking of matching and even, better them.....

This is height of optimism

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