Thursday, April 16, 2009

His Repentance

I heard him saying
Lord! I sinned…
As a confession 
He washes his soul
He then mumbles
I care not
For hell or heaven 
I believe not
The fire of hell 
I see not
The paradise of angels
I heed not
Lord you exist…
I dread not 
Satan powers my soul 
I do not remorse the blood 
On my hands 
Should you punish me lord?
My eyes are not shamed
For the murder they made.
Drunk in his vengeance 
The inner conflict 
His soul at war with his mind
I see him palpitating breathlessly
He whimpers to himself…
Lord! For I loved
Here I killed
She rest in stillness so sound
She a beautiful dame
When she speaks not
Her words are poison 
Than wine…
She had slashed my heart 
Not with her betrayal 
With the venom that she stings
Regret cannot cleanse my soul
Atonement shall not bring peace
My spirit shall…
Never sleep unless 
I could bring my self to weep.
Wisdom purifies our soul
There may be disagreement 
Between words and action
The penance is to…
Sometimes an admission
To our sins.

Composed By: shigufta Uzma

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