Saturday, April 25, 2009

Why do you think India is still corrupt

Why do you think India is still corrupt? Is it the politicians? Is it the beurocrats? Is it the competition in this country for daily bread?
I say it is dishonesty.
In some developed countries there is some thing so called “free medical care for all”. No, don’t call me crazy yet, it is true. All u have to do is step inside the hospital; they will make u alright and even pay you to get to your home. Sound really out of the earth for our country doesn’t it? I always wondered why we could not have it? It would be like heaven. Wait, heaven is a long way from India. Ask me “why”.
Suppose u get free medical care in India, for every silly reason Indians would use that facility. If medicines where free we would buy as much as we want and stock at home to save the trouble of going to the medical store every time. If we were give unlimited medical leave we would forge a medically unfit certificate and would take holyday for all but one day in a month, to get salary. We Indians have learned to be dishonest for generations. And I really don’t know how to wipe clean this stinking behavior of Indians.
Why is bribing there? Suppose we have to build a home and we need to get the approval. If we have to wait for a few months for the actual processing of our request, what would we do? We bribe the officer to get it done faster. If the current plan of our house will result in more tax we bribe the official to get the tax cut. Now tell me who and what is the problem with India.
Politics is the most dirty place in India now. To be king in politics even killing of people taking wrong decision are deliberately taken. Only to fill their pockets with currency. The funny thing is that every Indian bare with this. Do you know why? Because being with a political party means u get protection, u get more benefits and fast response for things. If my party leader kills some one, I am ready to justify that by saying “to survive in politics they have to do it”.

Trust me I have heard the same guy bad mouthing the very party when some drunk party workers blasted him for making a block for their rally because an accident happened and he was the victim and standing near to his ravaged car. So when they target you they are bad, when they target others then it is for their survival. Don’t you, the common men of India, feel ashamed to be like this? Justifying every dirty thing your party does because you are in that party and bad mouth other party even if they are doing some thing good?

People with millions, if not billions of rupees as black or white money killing people for their survival? Don’t you think it is, at least, a wrong way of thinking? If you call that survival then what do u call some one with no money to eat one meal a day eating grass from other person’s compound? This is really happening in India guys, I am not cracking jokes at the moment. May people work for private firms, big ones, some of them billion dollar ones. Where do you think they get all these money from? Do you think for them to grow there is a constant increase in the amount of currency that is flowing? The accumulation of wealth in a few accounts or hands means that the same amount of money is being taken away from others hands or pockets. How much ever the billionaires grow that much poorer the poor ones will become.
The ones who are supposed to get all these truths out is the media. Wait, what media are we talking about? Dishonesty is the mantra there also. Some issue happened, lets put it as an electric failure for some time in a large area.
Media reporting.
Question to the opposition leader : sir don’t you thing this is a failure of the current gournment?
The opposition leader starts with “when our party was ruling…….. it the incompetency of the government and their party and the minister…..”
To old minister : sir how do u see this incident.
Old minister starts with : “in 1981, you should remember that the hardware was installed at the time of the other parties reign.

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