Saturday, April 25, 2009

India will shatter into pieces by the terrorism fueled by the state fascism

India a developd country by 2020?????
Don't day dream - India will shatter into pieces by the terrorism feuled by the state fascism.

Also I am from Finance world. Upto 2000 the world was looking India and China to be the superpowers in 2020. But along the way 2000-2009 the finance community of the world has left india and economy and hopes of it. It full focus now is china and only china. If you read international magazines and understand that india is out of race long back. China is unbeleivably doing well in education, poverty eradication, infrastucture, heath in a very planned and metriculous manner with defined and set targets. The entire finance and economic community of the world truly beleive the china be a economic and political superpower of the world. We useless fellows have raided the 9 years in BPO waves and lost all opportunities and visions.

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