Sunday, April 26, 2009

“Apophis” – striking earth in 2036!

Meteors often enter into the atmosphere of earth. But before coming to the surface they get destroyed. Nobody feels anything different about it. But if someone says, an asteroid is coming towards earth and it is going to strike the earth, then everyone will fall into care. Such an asteroid is proceeding towards earth and it may strike earth in 2036, 27 years from now, scientists have predicted. This asteroid was discovered in 2004 and it is of diameter 390 meters. Many governments have started thinking on how can we save earth from this asteroid. All researchers have suggested that we have to do something as early as possible without wasting time. Though 27 years is long period, but to plan something in prevention from this asteroid and to implement it in reality, this time may prove short.
If anyhow this asteroid strikes the earth, it will create huge amount of energy, lakh times greater than energy created in Hiroshima atom bomb attack! It will DIRECTLY affect thousand square kilometers of land area and the dust it will produce will be so large that entire earth MAY have to suffer it! I have heard that dinosaurs died because of an asteroid which stroked earth and for next 150 years not a single ray of sun felled on the surface of the earth due to dust produced by it! It was spread all over earth. There are many others reasons scientists are predicting but this is one of them. But this attack is not so dangerous!

So prevention have been started to avoid more dangerous things which may happen. This asteroid is called as “Apophis.” Apophis is described as an evil that destroys the earth, in ancient Egyptian stories. Many preparations have been started to stop this asteroid. It will have very close encounters from earth in 2029 and 2036! One very faint possibility is suggested that while passing very close to earth, Apophis may change its path. But its chances are almost negligible. So we cannot rely on this possibility. Happy Intrnational year of ASTRONOMY

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