Sunday, April 26, 2009

will dot net have future???

will dot net have future???
Hi, do anyone have the idea of what would be the future of dot net professionals as the quantity of dot net openings are becoming scarce but the quantity of people in dot net is large(courtsey: interviews).. will the people who rely on dot net will have a future????

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Yes. I work for a reputed MNC. And in life what ever be the situation never done a single project in CS that don't interest me. What ever be the company, who ever be the manager or what ever be the market or what ever technology is running in the market.
Everything is good, only at the first place you have interest in it and keep on updating your self in your interest area. Currenty, I'm Senior Associate Platform (Core.NET), and live, eat, sleep .NET only...and believe me it will sustain my life till 60 - 70 years. But if you have to keep updating your self. Like I had enhanced my skills in .NET 3.5, OOPs, Algorithms, Data Structures, Design Patterns, NUnit, Extreme Programming, WPF (PRISM), all are dishes of .NET only. So, before getting a fear factor of .NET give your dedication to .NET field, and then see what .NET can do for you!!!
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