Sunday, April 5, 2009

bjp has opportunity in kerala

BJP Supporters Say:
I think as usual the media is playing its dirty tricks....i was speaking to one of my keralite frnd he was saying that BJP has suuport in certain districtsand can surely win frm these (4-5)...last elections it polled abt 11% votes which I feel is pretty good!

But the media makes it feel that it doesnt have any chance ...the only thing will happen is some sort of vote split.
Also it doesnt have a face as to project and there quite bit of infighting...

Another Says:

Hope the Kerala BJP is united and wins the Race. .No one expected that BJP will make debut in South India and there came BJP in Karnataka and slowly if things are working well, BJP will make inroads in Kerala, Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh.

We need to create awareness and make more people know the real History so that they would come to know the world oustside the Congies and know what all atrocities were done by the Congies and hence there is a serious need to Push the Kamal [Lotus] ka Button to save our Country and brinG L K Advani as our PM.

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