Sunday, April 5, 2009

SRK hits back at Gavaskar

SRK's behaviour is deplorable. He now feels that he owns the players. The idea is bad because it undermines the authority of a captain. It would have been better if the other three captains would have been designated as vice captain and given only advisory duties and the main captain should have been given the overruling authority

SRK doesnt even felt bad while commenting on a veteran like Gavaskar. 

Gavaskar is like a father figure for him. even in past SRK , Amir Khan had brushed with Veteran like Amitabh Bachchan. May be Fame and Name making people so crazy that they dont control their tongue and money slips out from their Tongue in the form of such disrespecting comments to people who are of their fathers' age..

I ask god to give them some wisdom to correct their mistakes, otherwise when these A@@holes Youth actors wont even deserve OR get any damn respect from any1 when they become veteran in future. 

Gavaskar has made a valid point and anybody who follows cricket will know how difficult it is to implement 4 captaincy in a team.....

You can expect lot of brawls within KKR teams and disagreement on many things.

There is a saying:

Too Many Cooks spoil the broth!

Whatever SRK has to say on Gavaskar, end of it, Gavaskar will have the last laugh...

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