Sunday, April 5, 2009

Congressi Flag insulting / deforming Indian Flag

Congress has flag made of tricolor and its hand in between, in the middle of white band, instead of Ashok Chakra.

Ideally, the rule is India flag should be respected by 

- not throwing it on ground

- Not burning it

- Not to be hoisted upside down

- Not allowing it to be hoisted at night

- Not writing anything on it

- Not modifying it.

And there are few more rules

Congress has modified Indian flag to make it their own party flag. 

Looking at Congress flag makes us remember our national flag, but the " hand " in the center is eye sore for true nationalists.

Not because they hate Congress, but Ashok Chakra has been replaced by party sign.

In clear words, Congress has modified national flag.

This is pure insult to nation as it insults national flag.

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