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Lawerence Kutner, We Miss You. Kutner Photos. Lawrence Kutner= Dead. Kal Penn (actor) = Alive.

Dr. Lawrence Kutner died on Thursday, April 2 from a self--inflicted gunshot wound. He was 33 years old...... 

"Dr. Kutner was a hard working, young doctor with a kind, unassuming, gentle manner. He will be missed by all of us", said Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dean of Medicine at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, where Dr. Kutner worked.

 Sandy Brophy He was always my favorite. It was like getting to watch Kumar post H&K every week. Sure he was typecast from goofy med student to goofy doctor, but he did it so well.

Anita Marier I have not stopped screaming no yet. Very sadded by this, no warning, no last look at his face, just gone. But that was why you did it I suppose, make it all a dream, please. Please

Ahmed Beydoun and to all the confused:

Lawrence Kutner= Dead.
Kal Penn (actor) = Alive

Nichole Simque How could they let this happen... Kutner how could you go? You were my favorite out of House's new recruits! You will be missed!

Tracey Haynes ok i just watched the show House where Kutner killed himself and i got scared and actually thought the actor really killed himself becasue at the end of the show i couldnt see the name of the memorial and i started to cry and i just couldnt believe it so i had to rewind (DVR) to get the website. I thought how freakin weird that the actor killed himself and then they put it on the show but noooooo it shows just how gullible and naive i am..thank god Kal Penn is fine! I LOVE YOU KAL!

Jennzah Elisabeth Morris Kutner, you were awesome. always thinking "outside the box" on different ways to cure things. i loved it when you used the defibrillator in the hyper baric chamber to try to revive that woman last year and set the place on fire -- fantastic. i honestly thought it was going to be Chase because they weren't giving him enough play. and even though your loss is terrible, i hope that the vacant position will be taken by Cameron or Chase. cos uh, i loved the original three a lot more than the current three (except Kutner, that is) :D

Lance Bass This is stupid. The writers and producers on House tried way to hard to make a episode emotional which is odd considering they done it before. But maybe the problem is how shocking they tried to make this, in the end they just made themselves look like idiots. Shockingly even Amber's death meant something more then this, to the fans of the show I mean. 

All they did was kill off a person that shouldn't of gone since he was actually the only funny one after House. Now we can only count on house to give us laughs. Thanks for purposely tanking your show into a pool of sharks. Also thanks for making me sign up for a stupid thing like facebook to express my views on how stupid the episode was. 

Quit overly trying to be dramatic, you were just fine before. (Also one of my friends has killed himself and there was no warning of it at all. His death was sad, Kunter's however wasn't. especially after he was so damn scared of "Death Cat".

Daniel Vegetakrillin Ahmad I am calling shenanigans on this death. Without Kutner, the visible minority count will be at an all time low. Either House is dreaming again or an awesome spin-off, involving Kutner saving lives as a ghost, will surface.

Jacy Beye wow this sucks! i must say i never saw this comming i knew he seemed down and off a bit but suicide wow... just wow...i think secretly he was houses favorite... (well next to wilson) and thats why he is so in to finding when he sht himself. im stll in total shock i loved his carefree attitude on the show he brought i personalness to the patients. im very sad to see him go. kutner you will be missed greatly! you were an awesome part of the show and i think your time came too soon. :"(

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