Monday, April 6, 2009

Why hatred is stronger than love ?: India Politics

Lt's say, if instead of 'chopping the hands', Varun Gandhi used the phrase, 'let Hindus embrace Muslims with both their hands' would he be able get the same attention he is getting now ?

Instead of the "retaliation" that all the fundamentalists preach, what if the hate mongers of Sangh Parivar gang, or the Islamic fundamentalists, had preached Ahimsa and non violence ? Will they get the same massive support that they are drawing now ?

Instead of encouraging riots, killings, gang rapes over religious issues, if the top political bosses had asked for tolerance, humanity, compassion, will they continue in their jobs ?

Why is that no one dares to talk about love, conciliation and peaceful coexistence instead of vengeance and violent confrontation ?

Or is it just the problem with the subcontinent ? We have made a day of lovers, Valentine's Day, into a day of fear and hatred on couples !

We already know the fate of our neighbor nation which had let such hatred among people to grow out of bounds. Are we following those footsteps ?

Have you ever thought, why hatred is at the center of our political sphere ? Why is that hatred is one emotion that can unite the masses ? Why is that such great virtues of humanity are sidelined every time ?

(Partially based on the editorial in TOI, 'Power of hate' - Jug Suraiya)

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