Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Do An Electron Gives Spin Motion?

Why do an electron gives spin motion about its own axis.what is the reason if it does not do this then what will happen?
i doubt if electron really spins
if u thnk d spin quantum no. has sumdnk 2 do wid it den u r mistaken
spin quantum no has no classical significance
it doesnt mean rotation as far as i kno

Electron doesn't spin around its own axis, if that would be so, then the experimental data regarding magnetic moment of electrons suggest the electron to have speed > c, spins in an intrinsic angular momentum that any particle posses, it is different from orbital angular momentum in a sense that same particle can have different orbital angular momenta depending on principle quantum number, spin has fixed magnitude!
As said above, it is purely quantum mechanical with no classical analogue

There is also a theory about electron actually being a cloud of electric charge, and the "spin" on it is -1/2, and for proton is +1/2. So, I guess the spin does not have a physical significance, rather it might be in the context of the magnetic moment or some other property.

It is more related to colour of the particle. 

Spin quantum nos were introduced to explain the spectra of the particle.
I don't know how far that's correct. How does the colour of an atom, due to the transition of electrons, be called the 'colour of the particle (electron)'?

Spin of a particle arises due to the transformation characteristics of their field.If the field (wave function) transform under Lorentz transformation like a scalar, then that field particle will have spin=0.If the field transform like a vector, then its field particle will have spin=1.If the field is given by the Dirac's spinor, then it will describe the spin =1/2 particles. 

an electron does spin!!!
ahhhh!! well its got somthin to do with its revolution arrond da nucleus!! 
conservation of angular momentum!! to be precise!! well !! u can copare it to a planet around the star!! one side there is electrostatic force other there is gravitational!! for them to remain in its enrgy level!! they need to balance cetripetal and centrifugal!! and hence rotation!

Spin arises due to the internal degrees of freedom.The spin concept can only be understood by learning relativistic quantum theory, field quantization and the transformation properties of the field.So don't think spin as a classical entity.The word spin is totally a misnomer.It has nothing to do with spinning.

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