Friday, April 3, 2009

Why all the debate about God?

The Debate Starts;
Cassie Collins Says:
I'll throw these statements out right away
I am a proud Christian
I obviously do see why people put their faith in God
I can also see why people don't put there faith in God

I'm not gonna sit here and shove God down people's thoughts or put down anyone eles's beliefs.
^^ And if you can't have the same courtisy then don't bother posting

People aren't gonna believe in God because of alot of reasons. They had bad experiences with Christians. They think faith is useless. They think they don't need God.

1- Bad experiences with Christians turn others away, that would be christians faults.
2- faith is useless? the money system is based on faith, therefore money is useless.
3- you don't need God. my personal opinion is you'll find out in the end. Those who say they don't need God usually hasn't had a personal experience with God. "God moments" are the most powerful things you can ever experience. it can range from miracles to little thingks in life you thought you can't do until God interveined. there are reasons why people who have God moments never decide he isn't there..

Jim Quinn Says:
^ 2- Money IS useless

Chris Mango Says:
There's no evidence for God's existence. That's why I don't believe in Him.
Besides... aren't you a little old for imaginary friends? ;-)

Nimrod Says:
1 - the problem isn't with christians or any particular religion. It's with fundamentalism, and people who use their religion as a starting point to rejecting reason. That can be dangerous, and people naturally can take issue with that.

2 - money is based on trust, not religious faith. I'm calling 'equivocation fallacy' on that one.

3 - I think 'god moments' are very real, vivid and life-changing experiences. I've had them and they changed my life. But I also believe it is a very human, mental experience (though no less profound for that). However, 'god' is just a term used to clothe that experience. Tie a myth to it and people can be fooled. The only verifiable thing here is the experience itself - one with nature, the inner light, universal love, whatever you call it. To assume knowledge about the universe and creation because of it is to jump the gun I think. Neuroscience has a lot to say about these experiences. I would say explore the data before jumping to a conclusion

What Do You Say???

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