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You feel bad for Hugh Jackman? He's already been paid for his work, so he's not getting hurt by this. I don
't have a problem with piracy as much as I do the fact that people earn millions of dollars making these films, while teachers who have more important jobs get shitty salaries.  
The bottom line is that you got called out for promoting your anti-piracy agenda over, and over, and over again. The fact that you did
 so makes me suspicious that you're some kind of industry shill. And BTW,
 you are in the minority as far as your opinion is concerned.

FYI jackman will be hurt by this. he is a producer on this film, through his company, seed productions which has a first look deal with fox. oh and his last fox film, australia, remains unprofitable, oh and same for his second last fox film, deception.

Yeah I believe he is a producer on this, and that man hasn't had a hit an a while- Australia did tank pretty bad. I dont get how I am getting called out about no jumping on the oppurtunity to watch Wolverine. I think the movie is going to suck. But that doesn't mean I'm not going to pay and see it. I dont give a shit if i am in the minority. Also do u really wanna argue "the actors get payed to much"- we all know this man, its quite old news. If your too cheap just to pay 10 dollars to see a final cut then thats finr. Also I am not in the minority. Just go ask Harry Knowles at AICN and the people at COLLIDER. I dont have an agenda, plus when was it bad to post an opinion? Seriously am I handing out pamflits? Does it really bother u that much that i just stated my opinion that I think its dumb to watch movies on line?

If Jackman is a producer on this, then it's his fault the movie sucks and will lose money on it's own. As far as Jackman already losing money on that stupid movie Australia, then that's his fault too and no justification on why people shouldn't download this or feel obligated to support him by purchasing a ticket for this stinker. And you are in the minority dude, because you and everyone employed at AICN and COLLIDER or any group you pick don't even equal 0.01% of the seeders and leechers currently sharing this via bitorrent. 


Brian is right, if you wanted to watch the movie even though you watched the leak you'll be going to the cinema.  I just finished watching and I have to say, count me in. Movie is entertaining and it's way better than X-Men 3 (thank you Brett Fuckitupner).  It seems also that there is a lot of naive people thinking they'll catch the leak... it doens't have any watermarks (except the allegedly mark from the fx studio and seems that they dont even have the full movie all put together to start with) and the release has no group name on it either, so also its a dead end.

that movie (unless the reshoots DRAMATICALLY alter the finished product, which i doubt) does no justice at all to the weapon x story or the original origins mini series.  i've never really cared for the way they've portrayed wolverine in the x-men movies. wolverine is "the best there is at what he does" and he's never seemed like more than a tough guy with claws in the x-men trilogy to me.  i realize this wasn't an adaptation of any specific wolverine source material, more of an amalgamation of the mythos, but spending 5 minutes in canada as a kid is seriously under utilizing source material. also, being the subject of weapon x made him the ultimate killing machine in the book, the only thing it did was give him an adamantium skeleton in the movie.  overall the depection of wolverine’s origin was VERY underwhelming in my opinion. when you combine that with how under developed and botched the other new characters were, i have no interest in seeing it in the theater. i would've gladly paid to see it if it weren't such a poor story.

I streamed it but I'm still going to go pay to see it despite really disliking it. It's only fair. Was it worse than X3? Yes. And X3 was God awful in my opinion. And it's not that unfinished. theres just a couple of missing fx shots thats about it. Unless the reshoots change the whole course of the film, this will be doomed. And I know there are some of you who dont want to hear this news because you want to like the film, but trust me, once you see it any allegiance you might have had to this will be gone. It's that bad people. there are some scenes in here that totally nuke the fridge (boxing with blob) that will make you wonder if this is the same character from Bryan Singer's films.

Twentieth Century Fox said the FBI was investigating who leaked "X-Men Origins..."The source of the initial leak and any subsequent postings will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; the courts have handed down significant criminal sentences for such acts in the past," the studio's statement said.  I don't know if this is an idle threat, but I'd be worried if I were someone who reposted the torrent in order to be cool.

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