Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Namma Bengaluru. We Just Love It.

Pubs, Bars, virtually unlimited food choices right from Darshinis to Italian or American, are amazing facts of Bangalore. This is the city of beer - one can drink in any season and as much. I can guarantee that KF & UB beers are as good as the Belgian ones. Bangalore is still a clean, cool city despite the inorganic growth of population and concrete structures. Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park keep the city Oxygenated;-D One can eat full stomach spending less than Rs. 20 and as quick at a Darshini or go beyond Rs. 2000 at Leela Palace or Windsor Manor. The dhabas on highways are cool places to unwind.  Visweswaraiah Museum is a great place to learn science in the simplest possible way and IISc or IIM for the highest level of education one can get in the continent. The city has an attitude of welcome - a true Kannada heritage, despite Bangalore having more than 50% of population from outside they all live harmoniously, a sign of Indian culture. It is city of technology with more than 20% of Indian research centers located in here and nearly 50% of the white collar jobs are in IT sector.  I think it is time they change the nickname from Pensioners' Paradise to Launchpad of Knowledge. 

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