Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Doubt : Sequence points : the expr'n in an expr'n

quoting from the standard's document on Sequence points.
Annex C
Sequence points
The following are the sequence points described in
— The call to a function, after the arguments have been evaluated (
— The end of the first operand of the following operators: logical AND && (6.5.13);
logical OR || (6.5.14); conditional ? (6.5.15); comma , (6.5.17).
— The end of a full declarator: declarators (6.7.5);
— The end of a full expression: an initializer (6.7.8); the expression in an expression
statement (6.8.3);
 the controlling expression of a selection statement (if or switch)
(6.8.4); the controlling expression of a while or do statement (6.8.5); each of the
expressions of a for statement (; the expression in a return statement
— Immediately before a library function returns (7.1.4).
— After the actions associated with each formatted input/output function conversion
specifier (7.19.6, 7.24.2).

— Immediately before and immediately after each call to a comparison function, and
also between any call to a comparison function and any movement of the objects
passed as arguments to that call (7.20.5).

Now,I need someone to help me understand the 'red colored' condition...I need an example of that..
Thank U in advance.

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